Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Causeway Bay Market & The Last Porridge

The life of any place can always be found in its market. That's where you can see real people going on about things in their lives.

And when youre in a different place, everything else just looks & feels different.

The same old prawns became different.

Different clams.

Different fish. I bet they speak Cantonese.

Gooi also brought us to this shop that sells traditional sundry/medicinal goods.

This shop had everything & anything that can be dried.

If they can put it under the sun, they will put it under the sun.

By the time we were done with the market, it was time to eat again. We hit this little porridge place called Hai Wang Chou which is again, a franchise outlet.

The porridge & Yu Tiaw here couldn't compare to the one at Stanley St. (Central) of course. But they were ok. It was a happy meal.

It's safe to say that whenever you step into a food franchise outlet in Hong Kong, you'd generally be able to get ok food.

Let's put it this way. If you can't find the truly original ones, you won't die from eating these more commercialised ones. At least that's what we're thinking.

And that concluded our journey in Hong Kong.

Oh wait, I forgot to tell you. In our last minute attempt at squeezing out the most of our stay in Hong Kong before we depart back to Macau again, we went back to Keung Kee for one last porky porky.


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