Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Chilled/Frozen Peach Cheese Cake

My cousin-in-law Evelyn asked me for a cheese cake recipe last week, which she can use for her daughter's birthday this coming Friday. I dwelled on it for a while before I decided on a chilled cheese cake for her.

Chilled or Frozen Cheese cakes are easier to handle for beginners and for those without heavy equipment in their kitchen as these are cakes which do not need to be baked in the oven. Hence, this eliminates the complications that come with ovens. Besides, throughout my baking experience I find that there are some people who are not overly 'cheesy' in preference, especially those over 50 years of age who tend to like this type better as it can be rich without being too overpowering.

Chilled Cheese cakes do tend to have a creamy yet foamy light (a little like mousse) texture due to the whisking factor of the cream. I choose peach because this is the easiest available ingredient even in supermarkets. But Evelyn, you can do a Tutti Frutti (mixed fruits) with this recipe and decorate with kiwi, strawberry, peach and blueberry mixture, which can be really pretty as well.

Serve 16-18

The Base:
165 gm of McVites Digestive Cookies, grind into fine powder
70 gm of melted good quality butter

1) Melt butter and stir into cookies powder. Mix evenly and press into a 9 inch loose base tin.

Note: Making the base must be done just right. Too loose, you get a crumbly base. Too wet, you get a base that sweats. The mixture should look nicely coated with butter and not sticky to your spoon or hand.

2) Leave it in freezer to freeze till harden.

The Cake:
480gm of Philedaphia Cream Cheese, softened to room temperature
125 gm of icing sugar
1/2 no of lemon juice and zest (optional)
180gm of Puree (blend peaches or mix fruits into a puree)
2 pieces of half peaches or mix fruits, diced into small cubes about 1/2 cm.

3) With a butter paddle, cream the cheese at medium till smooth and creamy. Stir by turning and scraping mixture especially on the bottom and side.

Meanwhile, prepare the following:
25 gm of gelatine powder
50 gm of water
50 gm of milk

4) Mix gelatine powder with water and stir till evenly mixed. Double boil till mixture turn gel-like. Take out from double boiler and add milk. Stir till evenly mixed. Set aside to cool slightly.

250 gm of diary whipping cream (which is healthy but does not give the volume) or non diary whipping cream (which gives the volume)

5) Whisk with the whisk ball till firm. But do not overwhisk till harden or you will get a rough texture. Set aside.

6) Add lemon juice and zest and mixture 4 to 3 and cream a little to smoothen. Fold in 5 gently to the cheese-gelatine mixture.

7) Scoop out some mixture onto the frozen base, drizzle some puree in circles and sprinkle some fruits. Repeat till cheese mixture finished. Swirl with a chopstick or fork to create marbling effect in the cake.

8) Chilled the cake overnight. Always serve cheese cake the next day for flavour to release better. Un-mold and place cake on a cake board. Decorate as you wish. Keep cake in fridge at all time.

Decoration Suggestion:
Arrange fruits on top of cake and glaze. For Glaze (2 gm of instant jelly + 2 tbsp of castor sugar + 100 gm of water, boil and cool slightly before brushing on fruits).
Chocolate pieces.


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