Saturday, January 26, 2008

Our First Grand Opening Ceremony

If there's one way to sum up our trip, it would be what the title of this book says.

The ultimate guide to the secret gastronomical pleasures of Hong Kong.
Special thanks to Josephine for lending it to us, on the night before our departure the next day!!!

Food was our top priority. Honestly, we practically ate our way into & out of Hong Kong. If The Amazing Race was about the race for food, we would have won.

Allan Wu would have been impressed with us. He would have said we've got guts! Gastronomical guts, that is!

The first stop on our checklist was a place called Keung Kee which was famous for having one of the best roasted meats in Wan Chai.

As a guy, I'm not very good at writing food reviews. Therefore, I usually write from a man's perspective.

The shop was quite easy to find. It reminded me of a car accessory shop where the spare parts are on display at the window.

As you walk in, you could see all sorts of other internal parts.

This is one of the few shops with a better interior. Everything looks newer inside.

We were just glad there weren't a lot of people then. This meant that the food would come out fast.
I was surprised to find those two paintings in a place like this. Don't look no up. Somebody has actually got taste. The artwork seemed quite contemporary, with a line of multi-national chefs.

Most famous old shops have old waiters to match. I imagined them to be loyal workers from a long time ago, who worked their way up to become business partners.

This uncle could probably tell you the whole history of the shop. And while he's at it, he could also tell you the story of your mother & your father.

You get a sense of satisfaction, a sense of security that you are being served by someone who knows what he's doing, someone who's as old as the shop itself. And he was fast. Wham-BAm! and 3 cups of Chinese tea were already on the table.

This lady had a face which can scold a thousand ships. But Hong Kong has come a long way. In the days of old, they would scold you out of the slightest irritation, even though you were the customer. Tourists would tremble in fear at their mercy. Today, it's a new Hong Kong. Lots of kind words, warm welcome, smiles & thank yous. We quickly took advantage of that hospitality by taking photos of everything. We milked the cow dry.

We wanted to order the special Glutinous Rice, which were supposed to be available during winter (Dec-Mar) but unfortunately out of all the months the Chief Chef could have picked for his holiday, he chose January. So we ordered the next 4 things this shop was famous for.

Goosey goosey gander.
This was the first goose ever we had in Hong Kong. It was excellent. The meat is much much more tender than ducks.

The sauce that comes with the goose.

Kai lan. Every shop has this. It is as common as water.

The coconut, white fungus & red date soup. Imagine sweetness with a hint of coconut.

The roasted twice juicylicious char siew & siew yuk.
After coming back to Kuching, I am always reminded of this when I see a fat kid.

And that was our first meal ever in Hong Kong- our grand opening ceremony.


-popjammerz- said...

the HUGE.

the piglet hanging over KESIAN....

the SIU YOK....SO SYOK!!!!!!!!!

WoMbOk™♂ said...

Wahsai.. Now that's the real bbq specialist.

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