Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Trip to Mornington Peninsula

On Saturday, Roger took us on a two hour ride to the Mornington Peninsula. This was by far the ultimatum, the toppest of the top, the highlight of our holiday in Melbourne. And it's only day 3.

You see, Melbourne is located inside a bay, which is surrounded by two peninsulas. Mornington is one of them.

Mornington's geographical nature with the rolling hills & the sea somehow made it into a place full of vineyards, wine tasting stations & excellent fine dining restaurants. The place is literally packed with wine lovers (or sometimes refered to as high class Ribena addicts). But as Mornington tends to have lower temperature and hence, grapes that grow well are generally white and those for pinot noir.

We did not exactly plan which vineyard we were heading to but we've heard that the good one to look out for was the award winning Red Hill. So we landed at Red Hill Estate.

No sign of red, but this was Red Hill Estate located at Red Hill.

But since we didn't make a booking, the place was packed like a a high class sardine can & we had to go somewhere else. Fortunately for us, there were plenty other vineyards around.

Aparrently the restaurant had to close off to get ready for a wedding. Imagine that! Vineyard wedding! NEE: Can we get married all over again?

So ignoring what Nee just said, we moved on to Montalto was located just a little further down the road.
This was obviously another award winning place, which seemed to be the norm for the restaurants around here.

Award winning sculpture, probably.

Award winning steps.

Unfortunately for us again, this place was also full, at least on the inside.

We were told that it'd take at least 30 minutes wait, which we knew by then we would have died from starvation. So that wasn't an option for us.

The food served outside were the lighter bready & salady kind. But we wanted heavy solid stuff. I mean we didn't fly all the way from a little town called Kuching for salad & bread.

But the view was breathtakingly the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. It felt very European-Tuscany.

I'm not a person who can really appreciate wine, but this I can appreciate. I like.

I felt like I wanted to throw my body onto the ground & roll down the hill. And while I was busy contemplating things of the lower-brow nature, Nee was busy wine tasting.

Nee & Roger tried their award winning 2007 Pennon Hill. Gorgeous for one so young. Bouquet was just beautiful with a good body. They had a good selection of olive oil too.

Nee with her very eligible come-get-me bachelor brother Roger Ting.

I don't know who's idea this was, but these artistic sculptures created a very surreal feeling.

It felt very alien, like higher beings actually came down once upon a time & introduced wine to us lowly humans.

I'm sorry to say this but this one particularly reminded me of constipation.

Nee bought these two bottles. Again, I'm sure the Royal Malaysian Customs will happily welcome us home with open arms.


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

haha yes, tt's a large intestine with the 'outlet' cut off.

is it still cold in melbourne? nee looks like she's all ready for winter.

NEE said...

yeap very cold since last thurs. all of us were shaking in our pants esp the trip to mornington. but last two days was just nice. cool yet sunny.

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