Monday, November 24, 2008

Day 2: The Myers Window Show on Bourke Street

One of the things that we really look forward to each time we come to Melbourne would be the Christmas window displays at the Myers Departmental Store on Bourke Street, the Epicentre of All Shopping in Melbourne. By the way, Myers is now under renovation especially at the Bourke St section, so don't be surprised if certain departments have shrunk.

These displays were not some cheapo styrofoam ones with glitter & shiny paper.

What we're talking about here is the kind of level that you can find in Disneyland, with animated lights & moving parts. It's the state of the art meets technology.

This is the kind of display that really draws you into their world, that makes you really believe that they exist for that moment.

If you show this to the tribes in South America, they'll probably think that they're real & use their blowpipes on Santa & the elves.

These window display shows are usually adapted from books for children.

Two years ago when were here at about the same time, they had one about a wombat who was too fat to be in a Christmas play, and he determinently tried every role and he ended being baby Jesus.

This year, it's about how Santa Really Works. At first I thought OMG someone was actually trying to reveal the non-existence of Santa Clause to Australian kids, that how the whole Santa myth really works was that they actually got their presents from their parents!

But fortunately it wasn't like that at all. The author was just another one of them writers trying to pull another fast one on the Australian kids.

So rest assured, the Australian children's innocence & wild imagination is still safe & protected.

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