Friday, November 28, 2008

At the Tip of Mornington Peninsula

I guess you could say that we were at the tip of the peninsula, although we weren't exactly at the very end of the tip per se.

We got as far as Portsea, which would be the very last stop at the end part of the peninsula, afterwhich we turned back, otherwise we would have driven straight into the ocean.

The scenery along the coastal stretch was just breathtaking, especially when we drove through the hills.

There were quite a few scenic checkpoints where you could just stop by, park your car, & get down to take pictures.

This stretch of hill was named as Arthur's Seat, not because it resembled some grandpa's chair, but because it resembled a hill at Edinburgh.

This was another checkpoint further up as we made our way back. In case you might be wondering, Chapman was a farmer who made the first track up the summit in 1896.

Standing there, feeling the cold wind, & looking out into the ocean, I felt like I wanted to pee. I finally really understood what they meant by nature's call. And at that moment, I really felt like answering to it, into the valley below. But of course I didn't.

This was Sorrento.

It's a quiet seaside resort town where the rich keeps holiday & retirement designer houses.

Sorrento was also the first European settlement back in 1803.

But that day, I only saw fat & hungry seagulls which weren't really afraid of me.

And a funny sign for dogs.

I mean for the dog owners.

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