Friday, June 27, 2008

The Last Meal in Macau

We didn't know it before, but it was really difficult to find good food in Macau. It should have been obvious to us that people only eat casino chips there.

Our first night ended up as a food blogger's failure. But now, we were back & we were not about to lose face again.

Our experience in Hong Kong told us that the best food is usually in an alley somewhere, tucked secretly away from the evil tourists. And so we actually combed the streets, alley after alley for any signs of any kind of food.

Suddenly, as expected, Nee's eyes caught sight of the 3D Gold sign, & mine caught the one next to it.

Actually we didn't really know who Margaret was.

But at that point in time, we were willing to try anything.

This alley is easily recognisable cos it's full of mopeds.

I was beginning to wonder Margaret was a moped Hell's Angel.

We weren't exactly sure what we stumbled upon then. The first shop was Sang Lei. It looked like a decent shop & it had people sitting there, so we thought that was a good sign.

I couldn't read the menu but it seemed that everything had pork chop in it.

So we ordered the Pork Chop noodles.

And Beef Noodles and Briskets noodles

And I got my Teh-C.

The good thing about this place is next door to it had pretty good desserts tong shui (chinese dessert).

Now, the really good thing about Sang Lei is that Margaret's Cafe e Nata was two doors away from it. All we had to do was to shift our butts a bit & we were there.

It was then that we realised this place was featured on a food TV programme before. So we knew right away that we had actually hit the jackpot.

The egg tarts here tasted almost very very very close to Lord Stow's. For those who may be too lazy to travel all the way to Coloane Village for the originals, the egg tarts here are really good enough.

This is the famous Macau Pork chop burger from Sang Lei. We have to catch one before boarding the plane.

It is precisely what the name says it is - pork chop & burger buns. It didn't have anything else inside. By Macau standards, this is as good as it can get here. Excellent especially the baguettes.

This was the 8th & the last day of our Hong Kong-Macau trip. We ate from door to door at that row of shop. We came back to Macau in full force. Vengeance is sweet.

And that concludes our Hong Kong & Macau food matrathon.


Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

HAHAH, is that a very satisfied + happy faces?

ahlost said...

Wah.. Hou hou sek ah !!

terri said...

margaret & lord stowe were hub & wife, divorced now, but somehow the hub knows the tarts recipe. so be sure not to share all ur recipes!

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