Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cold Storage Comes to Kuching

Cold Storage has officially opened for more than a week in Kuching. It's the talk of the town. Normally when we meet people in Kuching, the first thing they'd ask is 'Have you eaten?' This time around it was 'Have you been to Cold Storage?'

So now I can officially declare that it is basically the most talked about and the most frequently visited place in Kuching for the past one week, especially by all the aunties in town.

We finally made our pilgrimage there last Saturday. And the crowd was scary. Yes, scary. We could barely get ourselves in and that is already like a week after the grand opening. The cars were packed everywhere. Such is the sua ko-ness (mountain auntie) of Kuching people (us included). But it was definitely worth the while.

There was a special non-halal section, which had porky porky products from simple bacon to the more exotic ham.

And the cheeses, OMG, fresh ones like edam, gouda, blue cheeses, spanish platters, cheddars, mozarellas!

We didn't take a lot of photos in there cos there were too many people around, & we didn't really want to look anymore sua koo than we already were. There are certain things which we can be thick skin about. Unfortunately this just wasn't one of them.

The fruit and vegetables section is just simply wonderful for me. Normally Choice Premier, Choice Daily and Ta Kiong have a good variety but Cold Storage had an excellent range of fresh herbs like dills, sage leaves, mints, flat leave parsleys and others which I have never seen in Kuching like pineapple mint, mizuna.

They even come in little pots.

Mushrooms - there were the portobellos, Swiss, Korean ones on top of the usual button mushrooms.

The mesclun salads, my my, lola rossa, butterhead lettuce, romaine, rockets etc.

The tomatos ~ red cherries, golden cherries, tomatos on vines.

There were even fresh blackberries and raspberries!

There was also a good section of imported sauces like Burgess, dry pastas and they even have imported flours. I am wondering if I could use it for making pasta because a good substitute for drum flour is a very strong flour. Oh oh they have Pad Thai noodles too. Imagine I had to carry 3 packets back from Phuket.

Finally together with Choice, Ta Khiong, Ting & Ting, civilisation has finally arrived in Kuching.

The arrival of Cold Storage in Kuching has been long overdue. It's a great feeling to wake up to, much like in the morning when the Opposition denied BN the majority in the general elections.

From this day onwards, we would not have any more problems finding olives & capers. Even though the prices are higher especially for items that are not available in the other supermarkets, do go there. But whatever you do, please don't touch touch & poke poke, buy something so that they will continue to stock their shelves.

To 'celebrate' the arrival of Cold Storage in Kuching, we're having Bacon and Nuts Salad tonight with ingredients from Cold Storage.


Bento Pet said...

Hahaha! I also cannot tahan people who touch touch & poke poke fruits and foodstuff.

Cold storage is a great place to buy all the Mat Salleh stuff but like you noticed, it's prices are also upmarket. Over here in W. Malaysia, it's the same but they stock great stuff!!

NEE said...

yeah annoying esp if you imagine that you end up buying other ppl's saliva or runny nose, skin cells and whatever they have on their hands. heehheee..just kidding most importantly some things like herbs go wilting and turn bad if there is too much touching.

hopefully they continue to stock great stuff so that we dont have to sweat to find certain things.

molly said...

Just swing in to say hello.
May be you can leave your foot print at my blog for me to trace back here? Thank you in advance.

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

hey, r there any rosemary plants?i'll fly there just to bring some back. so jealous of u kuching ppl, how come so much more civilised than us all of a sudden..??

NEE said...

rosemary? i have in my garden a pot that looks half dead but still useable. greg's cousin who live nearby has excellent pot of beautiful rosemary in his garden. fly over with those zero fares. prob still worth it hehehe...

ganache-ganache said...

oh, I was hoping that Cold Storage would come to KK, I'm so sick of Giant !!! did you say blackberries & rasberries, oh..........

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