Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Cakes

We all know what Mother's Day is about. It's about taking one day out of every year to officially appreciate what they have done for us. Of course, this special day shouldn't be the ONLY day that we actually do that. That'd be horrible.

Another day with Mother's Day is that it would be about the only day in the whole year when strawberries would run out of stock in the whole entire Kuching.

You can ask us. Oh yes. We were running around town hunting for those little red darn berries yesterday. We weren't looking for a crate, not even a box. Nee just needed 10 measly little pieces for her one of her cake K ordered for his wife and mother. But they were nowhere to be found.

Out of desperation, we called everybody we knew, and pulled every string that we could. As ridiculous as it may sound, we even thought of going to all the bakeries in town to buy up any cakes with a fresh strawberry on it.

When we remembered Aunty Terri mentioning about receiving a box of strawberries from the UK, we nearly raided KK. But of course we didn't do that. Instead, we got a friend in KK to do it for us.

Fortunately, before all this was necessary, we found a big punnet at Giant (Riverside).

Behold, our conquest:

NEE: With extra berries, I did one fresh strawberry cheese cake for my mum.

NEE: And also a very traditional pandan kaya with pandan sponges for Mum-in-law. Excellent when taken really cold. And the colouring on the cake is 100% NATURAL pandan. Besides the usual pandan, I used another species which is smaller in size and has a very beautiful green. Will post the picture of the plant soon as my laptop is sent for reformatting.

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