Sunday, May 11, 2008

Totally Cheated

This is one of the lowlight (if there's such a word) of our whole entire Hong Kong trip.

Disneyland had a way of warping our psychology. We returned back to our hotel with our hearts full of magical wonder & innocence, thinking what a wonderful world it was, where everyone was friendly & smilling & nice.

Going back to our food program, we hit the streets again for grub. According to our holy guidebook, there's this place which was excellent for Typhoon Sheltered Crabs.

So the three sakais happily trudged on to search for this 'special' crab, thinking that since Malaysia has no typhoon, these crabs must be good stuff.

And it was reassuring to see all the food reviews pasted at the entrance of the shop.

Plus all these stars couldn't be wrong, right?

I mean these people looked so happy, the crabs must be dang delicious right?

Even Stephanie Sun Yan Zi came all the way from Singapore.

Don't play play. Even Andy Lau eats Typhoon Crab here.

We didn't know whether it was the aftermath of Disney wonderland, or that we were just plain stupid. As soon as we sat ourselves down, the waitress brought us a big mean looking crab and quoted us HKD650. At that point we were probably still dazed with Disney. Maybe we saw Sebastian instead. So we stupidly nodded our heads and ordered another crab oil fried noodle and typhoon sheltered clams. As soon as the waitress left, we woke up, "Wait a min. That is RM300 for ONE SINGLE crab".

A RM300 crab must be freaking HUGE.

A giant crab that expensive must be so delicious that after you've had it, you'd never want to eat Malaysian crabs again.
Maybe the restaurant spent too much on the decor & that's why it's expensive.

We had one plate of noodle kosong and it is seriously empty because there was only chilli & crab OIL (probably 4-5 chopstickful for one person).

A small dish of clams

and ONE crab on a huge plate drowned in a mountain of chilli & garlic.

And when the bill came, we knew we were not in Disneyland anymore. For that three pathetic dish, the bill worked out to be more than HKD 1100 (RM500).

And of course when we called for the waiters and asked for clarification, they insisted that we agreed to everything and the crab is an XL one (which obviously was not) and they were imported from Vietnam. HELLO?...VIETNAM????

Wasn't this supposed to be HONG KONG Water Typhoon Sheltered Crabs???!!! We were SO CHEATED. It's not usually our custom to swear, but we were fuming mad.

To be conned like a typical tourist, experience the crap, I mean crabs at HEE KEE:
Shop H, Wai Sun Building,
392 Jaffe Road, Wan Chai
Tel: 852-2893-7565
Opens 12pm-4.30am
Directions: Causeway Bay MTR Station, Exit C


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

reminds me of the stupid crab we ate in macao. vietnam crabs are RM 40 to 80 per kg here,depending on the type of restaurants, so if ur crab was big, i'd reckon tt'll be the price in HK. we learn the painful don't we??

WoMbOk™♂ said...

holy crab. Pardon the bad pun.

I suppose that's what happens when you have Andy Lau and the likes patronising the place.

Though i suspect when Andy Lau comes around, his crab will be very the besar.

KittyCat said...

Wah-lau, that's one huge food bill! Thanks for sharing your experience and the address - nice of you to warn others. Real con artists, aren't they?

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