Saturday, January 26, 2008

Novotel Century Hotel Hong Kong

Hotels in Hong Kong are expensive FULL STOP. We were just lucky to get a good deal as it was tied to the Toy & Stationery Fair that we registered for.

The best deals are online. Never do a walk in. It's suicide.

From our observations, it seems that hotels in Hong Kong do not follow peak/low peak seasons as indicated in tavel guides, etc. They seem to have a life of their own. As long as there's customers coming in, they will chop your head off, politely. So be forewarned.

This is Novotel Century, the hotel where we put up in Hong Kong.

It's located in Wan Chai where it's accessible to a lot of things just by walking.

We were just a little bit below the Expo Centre which was by the harbour. The location of the hotel is marked red in the map below. It's quite a convenient location as there's a 7-Eleven & a fruit stall just outside. And no, please, that's not all we ate.

If I remember correctly, this should be a four star hotel.

Well, it looks four star and it certainly feels like it. Got a lot of angmo in and out.

You can actually buy Disneyland tickets from the girl at the counter at bottom left. I don't know what else she does besides that. She's just sitting there all the time.

Hong Kong hotels are not like hotels in Malaysia. There's no complimentary breakfast, nor free drinks, nor mineral water in your room, nor fruit basket.

You pay for a room, you get a room. You pay, you stay. FULL STOP.


Joyce said...

how much per night? I still not yet book hotel for my trip to HK in July. :p

NEE said...

if you book through the net it should costs around HKD 960 (about MYR 410 or so ) to HKD 1000. if you walk in it is likely ranging from HKD 1400 to 1600.

Please dont risk with hotels in hongkong. book asap.

Joyce said...

WOW, very the expensive budget is not more than RM 250 per night. hehe. totally out of budget!!

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