Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hong Kong in a Day

Hong Kong is an ultra-vibrant city, if that word exists. Within one day, we saw so many things. And whatever we saw, we ate. Come to think of it, I hope we weren't acting too much like primates.

There were many street stalls like this which sell fried, lok-lok kinda stuff ~ fishballs and curry fishballs being the most popular and commonly seen. We tried some. Not bad for street food,

Now looking back, I wish we had eaten more of this.

The problem was we were always so focused on looking for the famous shops (our hitlist) that we tend to bypass these stalls. And when we do come across these stalls, it's already after a heavy meal with no room to spare. I am in deep regrets now. If you visit HK, please do try lots of these. Not exactly the super healthy and hygenic thingy but that is best way to try the local way of lifes.

These are called Little Eggs (Kei Tan Chai). Very good. Must try. Not too sweet. Crispy outside and soft inside. A little like our Egg cup cakes (kei nun ko).

Nee is having pig's intestine. I almost puked when I tried it. Nevertheless, I have been trained well, and I can tell that for people who know how to take this, it is d*mn good. Nee is nodding. NEE: Die hard kiasuness! Everything must try!

You can easily tell that Hong Kong is a very old city. We were mainly on the Hong Kong Islands with some evenings spent at Kowloon. We did also took one whole saturday to walk from Mongkok ~ where the flower market, bird garden and Women street are, to Temple street around the You Ma Tei area and reaching Tsim Sa Tsui. Photos were those we see in both Hongkong Island and Kowloon. Of course, we did not visit to super rich residential areas.

Most of the old buildings look like it's a blast from the past, with 60s/70s design.

In Kuching, you don't get to see these type of buildings anymore. The closest one that I can think of has to be the Seven Storey Flats (Cheet Ian Lao) at Padungan.

Most of the old buildings consist of living flats above with shops below.

I can't help but imagine the millions of Hong Kong kids who grew up living in a place like this - Jackie Chan included. His parents being too poor, signed him off to a Chinese Opera troupe. It was on one of the floors of a building similar to this that he trained everyday, ate, slept & lived his life.

Hong Kong is a small place. Land is scarce. You built your house wherever you can.


-popjammerz- said...

wow..the hses.
i know hongkong got a lot of tall building and storey houses but didn't think it's like that..

jackie chan stayed in some place like that? wow, that's inspiring!

Roger said...

HK is probably not the only place like that. Friend just bought a house in HK for 700k+ USD and the house is only 50m2!

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