Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Arrival of 3 Celebrity Bloggers in Hong Kong

As we were world famous celebrity bloggers, we did not want to attract too much attention in Hong Kong. It's hard to fend off those fans. We knew how Jacky Chan felt, so we decided to go low profile & took the MTR subway directly from the Ferry terminal.

We were never demanding celebrities nor primadonnas, so we quietly bought the Octopus cards like everybody else.

It's a very convenient way to travel - just flash the card at the turnstile & you're ready to go. It's like a one card tapau all - good for all MTRs, buses, trams & ferries. We paid HK$150 each for a card worth HK100 (RM50). The other HK50 is for a non-refundable deposit (next time we go, we can use the same card). Guess what? It lasted us almost for our entire 7-day stay. Excellent.

It was interesting to take the subway. That was one way to really see the local people & rub shoulders with them. Well, maybe just see, but no rubbing.

We saw angmos instead.

We took the train at the Sheung Wan Shun Tak Ferry point (where our ferry arrived). We took the Sheung Wan ~ Chai Wan Line, which is the main line in Hong Kong Island.

Sheung Wan and Chai Wan are at opposite ends with places like Central, Admiralty, Wan Chai and Causeway bay in between. Our stop is about 5 mins away, Wan Chai.

We noticed that certain stops have certain colours which were unique & easily identifiable.

So even if you do not look up at the signs, you'd know where you are by the colour, unless if you're colour blind.

You must remember that all this while, right from the ferry terminal, we have been travelling underground, and this is the moment we have been waiting for...

Hong Kong!

All our hard earned money was saved up for this!



We have finally arrived!


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

I miss Hong Kong! I must go again soon!

WoMbOk™♂ said...

The octopus is truly a revelation.

Unlike the public transport in kl. If i am not mistaken, there's the Star Lrt, Putra Lrt and now the monorail? Pfftt.. Puzzling indeed.

The last time I went to Hong kong was in 1995 and that was only a 4 hour transit. Definitely a place on the 'to visit' list.

Greg Wee said...

Throw this idea to Msia, and they'll probably come up with Sotong.

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