Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Puppy Power Updates!!!

Nee & I were really looking forward to today, not only because it's a Raya public holiday, but because we're bringing the puppies to the vet. This visit is looooong overdue.

So we chucked the puppies in the back seat with my father-in-law who actually had a conversation with them, 'Wah! So nice hor? Can go in the car and eat wind.'

The vet clinic is in a house just before King's Centre.

The Doctor's name is Dr. Lu, which rings a bell with my father-in-law, as he thinks all dogs are called Ah Lu.

Newspapers are widely used in Malaysia for different purposes. They use newspaper to wrap vegetables & other things you buy from the wet market. Newspapers are also widely used for house painting. This is just another way of using it.

The pups were given vaccination shots. But before that, their temperature had to be taken, up their fat butts!

Ah Beng got violated on a Chinese newspaper.

Ah Seng was also violated.

Finally, poor Ah Khiong, the tiny Microsoft Windows puppy, also had to take it up his butt.

Nee was very worried that the pups would yelp like the end of the world, but the shots were quick & painless. I was told that the trick was to tickle them below their chins to take the sensations away. Amazingly it worked on all three of them!

When it came to the registration form, we had to fill in their names. We thought of Ah Lu, LuLu & LuLuLu. But it got quite confusing with Dr. Lu.

So the dogs are now officially registered as Ah Beng, Ah Seng & Ah Khiong. Here are their mugshots from the Sibu Police Lockups:

Ting Ming Beng: named so after its perceived cunning leadership quality & intelligence.

Ting Ming Seng the notorious samseng. All 100% brawns.

Ting Ming Khiong the underachiever & follower. The one who makes the drinks & run errands for the other two.

And finally, Ting Ming Wee, also the one who runs errands for Roger & Nee.


Terri @ hungerhunger said...

very funny post!releases my stress!

Greg Wee said...

NEE: Greg is the more creative one. Glad our blog can do that for our readers. try reading his ah beng's world with the astrounaut ones. man, the sarcasm was presented in a stupid way.

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