Saturday, October 20, 2007

Honey Roasted Chicken

This is another very simple dish and one that Greg would eat quite a fair bit. Oh, I forget to mentioned that he is a very square person when it comes to his food. He eats one thing at a time. So on his spoon you will only find rice and one other dish.

I think he does not like, or know how to mix his food. In other words, he compartmentalises what is on his plate. Therefore, if he does not like something, the signals go straight to his brain immediately and he would not touch the dish anymore. So I am really happy that he almost finished half of the chicken when I cooked this.

You can find this chicken dish at Choice Daily or Giant stores or like Greg says, a bit like Kenny Rogers' Roasters. Aunty Terry at hungerhunger has a slightly different version, but is just as easy.

1.8 to 2 kg of free range chicken
2 teasp of salt
1 teasp of black pepper
1/2 lemon
some fresh basils and rosemary or mixed dried herbs (optional, I put because i need to do something with ones growing in my garden)
1/2 cup of honey

1) Clean and pat dry the chicken. Marinade the chicken with salt and pepper, rub half of the above portion on each side of the chicken. Set aside for 3 hours or more.

2) Stuff lemon, herbs in the chicken cavity.

3) I used the turbo hat oven cooker pot. This pot roasts meat very nicely. Turn to 200 deg cel to cook the breast side for 25 min or so. Brush with some honey.

4) Turn to the other side and roast at the same temperature for 20 min or so. Then brush some honey on it. Make sure you cover all corners. Tip: We dont marinade chicken with honey because honey cameralised very quickly and cause the skin to burn before the chicken can cook. So with roasting, we only apply at the end.

5) Turn back and roast to brown the chicken at same temperature for 8 to 10 min. Brush with honey again. Finally do the same with other side. Make sure you check consistently as you dont want to char the chicken. Cool slightly before cutting. Keep the juice at bottom of pot as sauce.

Serving tips:
Can eat with rice in the chinese way.
With potatos and salad in the western way.
Leftovers especially the breast can be used for sandwiches, pita bread combined with tomatos, lettuce and some ham and mayonaise for quick lunch.
Strip the leftovers for pizzas topped with pineapples for Hawaiian.


Roger said...

Put more recipes so that I can don't think and plan for my next meal!

Greg Wee said...

Ehmm you need to plan meh. i thot you got people doing that for you. Wat recipes you looking for?

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