Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hari Raya Royal Rumble!

CK, Nee & I went visiting on the first day of Raya last Saturday nite. We are probably the most food-starved beings in the whole planet when it comes to Hari Raya. It really looked like we had been starving for the whole week.

The main objective of our Hari Raya visits every year is first and foremost about the food, and then only secondly about the friends. It's amazing we still have the later.

This is the usual spread that you will find in any typical Malay house. We helped ourselves like chipmunks eating for winter.

The Malays like to serve kek lapis which, I've mentioned before, look like zebras. They usually come in all sorts of technicolour designs & psychedelic colours with interesting names.

These are Lapis Gulung Ketupat (Lapis rolling the ketupat).

And these are Lapis Gulung Tikar (Lapis rolling the carpet).
Psst! Nee's lapis are at the back!

Lapis Gulung Sofa?

There were also all sorts of homemade biscuits. Ros made a lot of those choc ones.

Then when we finished walloping the cakes & biscuits, we pressed the button and the real food came out of the kitchen! The main spread usually consists of chicken curry, ayam masak merah (chicken cook red) & ayam masak hitam (chicken cook black) .

Lemang rice is a must have at every Raya household, and it goes superbly well with anything spicy from above.

It's Royal Rumble time!

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