Monday, October 8, 2007

Google Earth Laksa

First & foremost, it's very difficult to find detailed street maps of Kuching. Most map are very touristy and centers around the waterfront Golden Triangle area.

This is the typical one which you can easily find on any tourist related site. If you click on it, you can see a larger version on pdf. Take this one as your reference point.

Ok boys and girls! You asked for it - Greg & Nee presents Kuching Laksa on Google Earth!

We'll start from the waterfront perimeters since most hotels are concentrated around that area. Presenting Chong Choon Laksa on Google Earth:

We have not done a review on Chong Choon yet. Just a little bit of warning, you may need to wait for a while for seats.

After you have that, you can head on down to the next one near Grand Continental Hotel. The walking will help you digest so that when you reach there, you'll be ready for more.

We have not tried this one personally. So we don't know the name of the shop. We just know it's on the top 3 list. (Note: Ting's Noodles & Permata Top Spot Seafood is on this map!)

And finally our all time favourite! Fat Cat Laksa Baby! This one's very very off from the city centre!

I saw a new bus stand just in front of Choice Daily. I have no idea which buses go through there or whether the service have started. But if you're taking a cab, any taxi driver will know where Kuching Specialist Hospital & Choice Daily (Tabuan Stutong branch) are! In the words of my bro-in-law, if they donno, they can go eat seeeet! (Note that Mother's Recipe is also in the photo :)

Next: Google Earth Chow Chai Bee Hoon!

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