Thursday, October 4, 2007

Mother's Recipe

Yesterday I thought Nee could take a break and we could go out for lunch. As usual, the conversation went like this:

Nee: So, go where hah?
Greg: Donno. You want to eat what?

But as we got hungrier, the decision became easier. As usual, when my tummy reaches its peak of extreme hunger, it starts to become alive and could communicate with me.

Receiving telepathic image. Incoming...

Mother's Recipe is a small restaurant that we would return to once in a while for nostalgic local home cooked meals, the ones that our moms used to cook, fresh & original, without aji-no-moto.

We were greeted by this board at the entrance.

Alright Mama! Here we come!

For our traveller readers, this place is just a few steps away from the Fat Cat Laksa - on the same block baby! Idea: Fat Cat for breakfast, Mother's Recipe for lunch! Woohoo!

This is the contact no. & address for those of you who might need it:

Hallo! Wercome Eberybody!

Mama ran away when I asked to take a picture of her. She was so scard of me. But then later I sneaked a shot at her when she was taking orders at the next table.

Hehehe. Food Paparazzi.

We ordered the usual which were dishes which we tried and liked before:

Midin with sweet sour chinchaluk sauce (I think! Nee help!) NEE: It is actually belacan chilli sauce and had a sweet sour tinge to it. Real yummy. Can do it with other vegies like lady fingers and Kangkung
Midin is a wild fern which can only be found in Sarawak. It is the only vegie which does not have fertilisers or any chemical stuffs because you cannot plant them.
Thumbs Up! (RM5/dish)

Chicken Curry: Very well balanced. Not too spicy. Very smooth texture.
Thumbs Up! (RM6/dish)

Ikan Bilis (Anchovies) with Onions: Excellent! Definitely one of their specialties.
Crispy Anchovies and the onion is not overpowering and it gives a sweet tinge to the whole thing.
Thumbs Up! (RM5/dish)

And finally, out butt was itchy, and we thought of trying something new. We haven't had this here before:

Belachan BeeHoon. Vermicelli with Belachan (Prawn) Paste. (RM6/dish)
OMG! It was horrible! We could only taste the lime. I think they must have stocked up too much lime and was trying to get rid of them.
Definitely Thumbs Down! NEE: My tongue still salivate when i look at this dish. Yeap it is too sour and we told the Lady Boss that too. No insults taken i hope.

Sorry about this photo. It's a bit messy and it does look a bit grossed out.

Usually I would finish my plate clean. My Mom always say, your future wife's complexion will be exactly like what is left on your plate! After I found a wife with good complexion, I guess I began to be a bit more relaxed about it.

But the point which I'm trying to show here is that the Belachan Beehoon SUCKS BIGTIME! (NEE: B, Tone down a bit please! it is sour but it has a nyonya attached to Belachan Beehoon so you cannot expect our typical ones).That's why it's the only dish left behind.

It's overall a good place for authentic homey food without MSG. Nice place to come to when you miss the food at home!

NEE: By the way, Greg forgot to mentioned that this place has food that is slightly sided to nyonya cooking. It is family run and the walls have many old family photos. and i always like it when people appreciate their roots. Apparently most dishes are their mother's home cook dishes and the Mama Greg took photos confesses that she herself is not the good cook hahaha...but her sister-in-law manage to learn from her mother. We rate this place:

Service 11/15 fast enough the food comes. Only three persons serving and they are all retired and semi retired uncles and aunty. Not exactly your super friendly type but they tried. When they see us whipping out our camera, that is the first time we got chatting after like the 4-5 times eating there. The power of bloggers.

Environment 12/15 Clean and cool cause got aircond. very important nowadays in this weather. Deco plain but photos interesting.

Food 48/60 Really quite nice except for the funny belachan beehon and we had not tried everything on the menu.

Price 8/10. Slightly more pricey than usual but the portions are enough and the food is cook with care and good and fresh ingredients.
WEll, it is definetely 7.5 to 8 out of 10 kind of coffee shop.

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