Saturday, April 18, 2009

Melbourne Day 2: Belgium Beer Garden

After the averagely average Chinese meal on our first night in Melbourne, and the not so wonderful Yum Cha, we gave Roger his ultimatum, Get your act together or you are out of the race!

But of course we were just kiddinglah. We will never do that to our one and only designated driver. Actually, for that round he was just trying to take us to places where he hadn't tried before. So since it didn't work out that well, we thought that we'd better stick to the road well trodden.
With a name like Belgium Beer Garden, you must be thinking that we were going to get drunk. It's one of those places like Cookies that has a pub and a restaurant side by side. I guess it's one of those business ideas that retain the customers.

Gee, now that we're done with dinner, where should we go for drinks?
How about the pub there since it's inside the same restaurant?
Great idea! Why didn't I think of that?

The Belgium Beer Garden is on St Kilda Road, next to Wesley College, my previous high school. It has a rustic pub-like environment with a beautiful garden serving mainly Belgium Beer with a combination of French, Belgium, German Food.

Here's what we had for your viewing pleasure:

Salad Ligeous ~ Warm vegie in balsamic vineger and potatosa and bacon bits. Gorgeous!

Pot of mussels with Roquefort ~ Black Mussels cooked in Roquefort Blue Cheese Sauce. I would go for mariniere, the white wine version but was outnumbered. Well for some reasons Aussie black mussels are huge as compared to the French ones. In Paris, we got a little bucket, here we got a whole pot good for four at least. But the verdict is nice!

Roast pork belly with sauerkraut and apple ~ Crispy roast pork which is really crispy. So the verdict is Good!

Pan fried veal with mash. Very nicely done and tasty.

Choc mousse with orange bits ~ smooth and so very chocolatey. Glad we ordered one only to share.

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