Sunday, April 19, 2009

Melbourne Day 4: Korean-Chinese Restaurant

If you can't make up your mind, or if you have Caucasian friends who can't tell the difference, this is the place to go. This was supposed to be our first stop straight from Melbourne airport upon arrival. However the kitchen was already closed by the time we got there at 8.30pm. Anyway, on our third night, we went back on a vengeance. This place is at 13 A Victoria St., a little small lane off Victoria St in the City.

This was the first thing that we saw upon entering the shop, Nee's eyes fixated upon it like it was an LV or a GUCCI. It turned out that it was the shop's specialty, although not Korean, Sweet & Sour Pork, Chinese. It turned out pretty good. Yes, a little floury and corn starchy but hey, we were hungry.

Fish Egg and beancurd hotpot. ~ Yummy! Nicely spicy!

Beef Bulgogi ~ Nicely done as well with a hint of sweetness.

Chinese black bean noodles ~ delicious and it is not salty at all.

With good food aplenty, the rest of the night was spent with thoughtful conversations with Roger & his new housemate Anson, who's taken up the task (without much choice) to help find Roger a girlfriend.

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