Friday, February 20, 2009

Day 3 in Paris: Centre Pompidou

Okay people. CNY is over. Valentine's over. We've got a couple more trips coming up soon & that means we've got to finish our posts on our Europe trip & the Star Cruise! I know, I know, we're unforgivingly way behind schedule & it's feeling like a government department. But anyway, here it goes...
We didn't really know what Centre Pompidou was before we got to Paris. We just had an inkling that it was some kind of art gallery.

It turned out that it wasn't just SOME KIND of art gallery, but it was THE art gallery, although it looked more like a National Plumbing Development Building.

What's great about this gallery was that it's situated in a public square surrounded by street performers & also artists.

That way, there's things to see even before we stepped foot inside.

These were the usual portrait artists that'd do yours for a price.

And then there's this interesting one that do outline papercuts of your profile.

I'm thinking interesting but like this also can make money?

And as usual in Paris, there's always an audience even when nothing is happening.

This was one of the exhibitions that was going on at that time which spooked Nee. She went out half way cos it was too difficult for her to bear. Anyway, I won't blog about it here cos this is not the blog for art. I'll stuff it into my other blog later on.

We bought the tickets at the ground floor but to get to the different galleries, we had to use the escalator on the outside.

It's an interesting way to make sure that people appreciate the structure & architecture of the building.

At the very top of the building, they built a kind of an open air terrace cafe. It was a nice place but at that point in time, it was just too hot for these two spoiled Malaysians who came from the land of the aircond.

I think this was a Friday.

Now do you see why we say Parisians do not work?

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