Monday, February 16, 2009

Grandpa's Funeral

I am sure there are some of us who are hoping for me to write about the last leg of Grandpa's journey on Friday. There are so many of you who couldn't make it to the funeral because you were somewhere too far away.

Grandpa Wong passed away peacefully on the 11th February 2009 Wednesday at 7.05pm at the age of 91. It is with a very heavy and sad heart I began writing this because
1) I don't have someone I can call Kung Kung (Grandpa) anymore
2) My heart goes out to Grandma.
Imagine this. You shut your eyes and everything you can remember is life with this particular person. And when you open your eyes again, he is not there anymore. 60 over years of marriage, 60 over years of memories.

Many tears were shed during the ceremony of placing Grandpa in his coffin on Thursday afternoon, at the moment when Grandma with complete calmness and such beautiful inner strength, held his hand and whispered something to him, probably telling him it is alright to go. She remained calm throughout the whole process. Soft tears but no wailing. And he looked peaceful, completely at rest. God Bless! Many came to bid him farewell. The entire house, the balcony & the staircase were packed with people, friends, family and people he had blessed throughout all those years. Such wonderful man!

On Friday he left the house at 7.30am. It was a fine day. We had a short & simple funeral ceremony with pastor reminding that he had left for his home in heaven. He is with God and his spirit will continue to live in each and everyone of us. We then walked with Grandpa from their house on Kapor Road to Sibu Logos Church before embarking on the bus towards his final resting place. He was buried at the Sibu Chinese Cementery at Rock Hill.

For those of you not there, please don't be sad. Peace can be felt throughout the whole two days. This kind, dignified man is with God and he had lived his life to the fullest in whichever capacity he was in ~ a husband, a father, a grandfather, a great grandfather, a friend, a confidante, a loyal servant to men and God. For family members far away, we will also put up some pictures on our links in the next few days.


sarawakiana said...

Dear Greg and Nee
Hope I am not being nosey - is Rock Hill (Shur Sang) the same as Sg. Aup?

I need to update my knowledge of Sibu cemeteries which seem to be sectioned off by religious beliefs and differences.

NEE said...

hehe sarawakiana yes it is...i was really really cracking my head over the name. i know it is shur sang but i dont remember the official name. so i did my direct translation. sorry if it confused you.

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