Tuesday, December 9, 2008

LV, Sofitel Toilet and Martini Bar

I don't know what it is with women & handbags. Wherever Nee goes, she'd always be on the lookout for an LV store. Then she'd get me to take pictures of her in front of the store. It's sort of like one of those 'Been there, done that' kinda thing.

Nee & LV in Hong Kong

LV at Champs Elysees, Paris (We haven't blogged about this yet!)

And now, LV in Melbourne.

I hope this handbag-frenzy thing will not turn into something more dangerous like stamp collecting for nerds. Ok, maybe forget what I just said. This blog post is beginning to sound wierd.

Wait a minute. It's going to get even wierder, cos the next place that we dropped by (after Longrain) was the 10 or 20-star Sofitel hotel.

NEE: Unfortunately, we were too early and their restaurant which had an excellent view of Melbourne was still doing dinner so they refused to serve drinks only. (HINT TO GREG): Maybe we'll do dinner there next time and wait for sunset & night fall. I would think it would be quite romantic.

GREG: Drinks aside, we were actually looking for something else which would not be the usual hotel's main attraction, but I guess in this particular case, it can be. This is the ultimate dream toilet for all flashers.

When you're in a male toilet like this, you'd better keep your mouth shut & don't say things like 'I like the view here!'

NEE: We ended in the Martini Bar at Eastin Hotel along Swanston St, at the Corner of Little Collin St.

It has a nice fire place and a long stretch of library. So you can have a drink of Martini, grab a book and have a quite evening with a partner or just sit around for a chit chat.

The ambience was really relaxing and soothing after a heavy meal.

As Roger's sister, we have not been living together under the same roof since 2000 after my graduation. We see each other on average once a year for one month or so when he comes home or when we visited.

So it was good to see that he knows how to enjoy himself. Talking about enjoying, the fellow knows where to go. And it was good cos we could just hang out over good food and good company.

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