Friday, October 24, 2008

Stress Duck

I am getting a little stressed because I am travelling tomorrow on my own to KL to attend my cousin Carol's wedding to Gooi (who graciously took us around in Hong Kong).

Stress 1: The trip is pretty last minute but I managed to book cheap MAS tickets (RM385 return) very early on. But then I realised that my classes do not finish until Friday and I have a teaching assignment early Sun morning. So there were a lot of 'to go or not to go' going on and when I finally decided, I had to forgo my return ticket and buy another one from Air Asia that costs RM213 to return on Saturday evening instead. So this whole week revolved around getting things arranged so that I get my Friday off.

Stress 2: I rarely travel alone without Greg. I think this must be the 2nd or 3rd time since we got married. I dont like to have to catch taxis alone in KL and having to watch out for potential snatchers or thieves everywhere I go. So normally, when I'm alone, Greg will make sure that I get Foong Sin, my good uni mate to drive me around and that I am staying with someone like my cousins or my friends.

Stress 3: I get stressed about what Greg will be eating during my stay away. I know it's just for 2Days/1 Night but I am seriously worried because my hubby lives on junk like cookies, cakes & takeaways if food is not on the table. Like when I got up late last Sat morning, he ended up eating the leftover bits cut from the side of a napolean cake. He just walloped a whole plateful of buttercream laden bits when there were homemade curry puffs in the fridge. See, even when there is food is in the fridge, he seems to ignore it. So I am seriously thinking of labelling everyone of his meal before my trip. I cooked a little more tonite to last him for the next two days.
One of the dish is the 8 Jewel Duck. I am seriously proud of myself for this. Under the supervision of Aunty Yeo, I managed to debone the whole duck. Yeap, all the bones are gone and the duck is still in one piece, & is still looking like a .... duck. It was an absolute perfect destress-er - all the wringing, poking, slicing, chopping and when the carcass came out one piece without any meat attached to it, the satisfaction is indescribeable. And next time if Greg ever upsets me, I will debone a duck in front of him to show him what I am capable off with a little carving knife.

Darling, looook...ONLYYYY skin and meat left. No bonesssss....


Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

u are seriously good in everything ! to prepare such heavy-duty dish already 100%,, DEBONE for hubby.... 200% for u

is that ur house-secret recipe? hehe

Lin said...

omg I would love recipe for this 8 jewel duck please when you have time =)

WoMbOk™♂ said...

no bones.??? but how????~

NEE said...

actually deboning the whole duck is a must for this recipe. ppl do that with herbal chicken for hotel wedding as well.

8 jewel or 8 treasure duck is a very traditional wedding dish and many see fu-s of older generations do this really well like art. i learn because i dont want it to be a lost art.

i can blog the recipe but seriously difficult talking about deboning without showing. hehehe

@ddie said...

very interesting! salute u nee ;) i've heard of 8 jewels duck, but i didnt knw they come deboned!
and i like the last phrase, HAHAHAH :)

maybe next time try capturing them in vid? then u can post it - shw us hw u debone the duck - or any other food :)

Lin said...

My mom does this very well, I saw her deboned the duck. I don't think I can do it. When I asked for recipe she said a bit of this, a bit of that, she doesn't have measurement haha.

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