Saturday, October 25, 2008

Nee's Fridge Management System

Ok, so now I'm all alone at home. I sent Nee to the airport this morning. She's there for her cousin Carol's wedding, & will be back on Saturday evening. Then we'd be off for another wedding dinner in Kuching on Sunday.

So since she's not around, let me just show you how she organises her fridge.

The first thing that you'd notice are the many (or not so many at the moment) fridge magnets that Nee has collected over the years (or not so many years) from the many (or not so many) places that we've been to.

That's nothing right? I mean everyone has fridge magnets. But that's not it. I think you'll go bonkers when you see this.

No, I'm not talking about the High School Musical magnets. I don't know where those came from. We certainly didn't go to any Musical High School. No, I'm talking about this...

And this.

Nee has this thing about organisation & she's really proud of it. She's even got my dinner tonite, breakfast & lunch tomorrow, all planned out.

See what I mean?

She makes me feel like the little boy who died in the end cos he's so lazy, even to eat the pancake hung around his neck, when the mother had to be away.


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

i don't know what to say, just hahaha!!u think she'll let u off if u don't eat the meals as planned? heck, would she know if u ate the lunch as dinner n dinner as brkfst?!

Anonymous said...

interesting indeed.. i also section my fridge and anything that goes in there gonna be make known to me. I have these huge samsung 2 door fridge.. Huge as in everyone who visits say HUGE and COOL.. ahhaha... Freezer is below with 2 big drawers, 1 small drawer and 1 ice maker plus drawer. Drawer 1 for all meat products as in fish, meat, etc. Drawer 2 is strictly for veges stuff like mixed peas, etc and NO MEAT products. Drawer 3 (small) for ice creams only hahahah..

so i really enjoy reading Greg & Nee guide....


ganache-ganache said...

hey I do organise the fridge too ! There's 2 fridge in the house (one never have meat in it & one freezer compartment is for my cake deco stuff), 1 chiller (for my cakes) & 1 deep freezer (seafood, meat, sauces)

Anonymous said...

Wah... you are one seriously lucky husband! I better not let my hubby see this.... cilipadinz

NEE said...

hi guys

i am seriously shocked to find my fridge guide shown here. actually i have always organised my fridge and recently i reorganised but i had never write it down. would probably type it out soon and stick it properly on the fridge door.

i basically do one fridge for sweets and one fridge for raw food. but the sweets one i had one layer of cooked food and must be go in less than one week. it is my cakes, drinks, paste, jam fridge. i actually have a deep freezer too which must not have anything but frozen fruits because my cakes depends on it so i cannot contaminate with meat or seafood.

reason why i did it because i seriously believe a person being disorganised creates heaps of wastages which is so sad as some ppl dont even have basic food and energy in this world.

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