Friday, September 5, 2008

Stew Meat with Beancurd and Eggs

This is a perfect go-with-the-rice dish, IF you are under 30 and don't mind drowning yourself with cholesterol and fats. But with all things fatty, it is YUMMY! And fat is really flavourful. Also I think it's a good party dish because it can be prepared way ahead and looks really presentable.

800gm to 1kg of belly pork, get a nice square piece with distinctive layers
2 tbsp of dark soya
2 tbsp of light soya
1 tbsp of five spice powder (optional)
1 tbsp of cooking wine
1teasp of salt and pepper
3-4 cups of cooking oil

1) Season pork with dark soya, light soya, cooking wine, salt and pepper, preferably overnight. Heat up oil to deep fry the pork to brown on both sides. Dish out and drain.

2-3 pieces of star anise
1-2 pieces of cinnamon stick
2 pieces of ginger, thumb size, pounded lightly
1 piece of galangal, approx 1 1/2 bigger than thumb size, pounded lightly
1 whole clove of garlic, leave it whole
3 pieces of shallots, skin off and pounded lightly
3 tbsp of coarse sugar
3 tbsp of atap sugar (palm sugar, i think)
4-6 tbsp of oil
1/2 cup of dark soya
6 cups of water
3-4 pieces of beancurd
3-4 no of eggs

1) Heat up oil in a deep pot. Add cinnamon and star anise and fry till fragrant. Add sugar and stir fry till sugar melts. Add atap sugar and stir fry till the atap sugar melts and goes bubbly.

2) Add garlic, ginger, galangal and shallots and continue to stir fry till fragrant. Add the whole piece of belly meat. Add the remaining seasoning from (1). Add water and soya and bring to a boil.

3) Turn fire to low and continue to simmer till meat goes soft. Turn the meat occasionally to colour all sides. Taste for more seasoning.

The best is to do the above a day before serving and leave it in the pot to continue seasoning.

4) Boil eggs and rid the shells. Take meat out to cool slightly before cutting to ensure easier cutting. Add eggs and beancurds to sauce and continue boiling to thicken the sauce. Turn eggs and beancurds to colour all side.

5) Cut meat, eggs and beancurd and arrange them nicely on a plate. Dish out sauce onto the platter. Serve.


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

oh!so tasty! open a restaurant!

WoMbOk™♂ said...

hO mann.. I love this. Esp. the boil eggs drenched in that delicious sauce.

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