Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cell Fritters Durian Kids

I was supposed to post this last night, before midnite, but I konked out halfway.

I couldn't think of a proper title for this post so I ended up with a combined one. We had another cell group gathering at our house last night. And as usual, before it started, the kids were already buzzing like flies in the kitchen.

This is Heather & Nathan, Nee's kung fu kids. I don't know about you, but Nathan sure looks like one of those Cambodian boys selling banana fritters by the roadside, trying to make a dollar a day just to live. Look at him, he looks worried whether he'll make the sales target today.

Nee's banana fritters uses fresh & healthy bananas courtesy of Jo.

Nee's overloaded prawn fritters with giant prawns. Just in case you're wondering, it's just that she couldn't find the smaller ones. NEE: Both cucur pisang and prawn fritters are slight undercook so that it can be fried up again right before serving. This is tip for party purpose for those who worry about deep frying dishes.

We also had Nee's Belachan Bee hoon, Sweet Taugeh Noodles, Nee's Har Kow (prawn dumplings) and agar agar mooncake. And Nee's latest gastronomical experimentation, the New Durian Mousse Cake, uses sinfully rich & creamy durians courtesy of Alex. You can marvel at the durians here.

It is simply sinful. And that makes us about the most sinful cell group in the whole of Kuching. God is probably looking down, & shaking his head at us, & wishing for a piece of it.

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