Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Mystery of the Claws of Death Explained

I thought I'd better clarify the new toy because Greg's eyes opened as big as guli when I showed it excitedly to him. Well, as it says on the box, it is a meat tenderiser.

I was with Jo shopping at Cold Storage a few weeks ago. We passed through their non-halal section, ie. ham and such, and we saw them roasting pork. Both of our eyes popped out like guli when we saw how nice the Roast Pork (Siu Yook) crackled on the top.

So in all kaypo-ness, we asked the sales lady very hush-hushedly how that was done. Hush-hushedly in response, she told us that it wasn't easy cos they used nine types of herbs, etc etc & so on, & then she pointed to this strange looking poking device which her boss brought all the way from KL.

My precioussss!!!
Jo & I probably looked like Gollum at that moment.

And guess what? We didn't have to go as far as KL. Jo called last weekend, really excited, like she found gold. The claw of death is now available at Syn Hap Hin in Padungan for only RM12.50!!!

Jo was probably holding it in one hand & the phone in the other, grinning like a mad woman. I think if both our husbands saw us right there & then, we'd be banned from each other's house.

But little do they know, their loving wives are attempting to make roast pork for experimentation & for the thrill of it, uhm, I mean for our husbands' gastronomical pleasure. The pork is already seasoned, & is now drying in the chiller. We will do the violent poking and scouring on Saturday.
So Ladies and Gentlemen, stay tuned. If you see a roast pork recipe sometime soon, you'd know that we had succeeded. If not, this claw of death probably didn't work. So please don't run out to get one for yourselves just yet.


Anonymous said...

may i know where exactly is the shop? i would like to get one, too. thks

NEE said...

Okie. it is on padungan st. a corner shop right before the turn to song kheng hai hawker centre.

Anonymous said...

ok, thanks.

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