Monday, September 8, 2008

Star Cruise Day 1: The Feasting Begins

To continue with our cruise adventure which we did in May this year, being new to this experience, we took our time checking in and settling down, & was enjoying the little window in our little room. We thought that since our room was on the same floor as the restaurants, we'd have no problem getting food. And when we looked around other rooms, no one seems to be around. So they probably not even checked in yet. Little did we realise the consequences of being in a ship full of Asians. When you're surrounded by Asians, you need speed to win.

So obviously, when we reached the first restaurant at around after noon, there was already a ridiculously long line that snaked out all the way to the lifts. And there were three restaurants on Aquarius. So that's where everyone is!

Anyway, to cut the story short, we opted for the Chinese restaurant, which was actually one our our last few choices but the queue was the shortest, cos eating Chinese food away from home is like you never left home, except for when you're in Hong Kong or China. Well, we were still in Singaporean waters...

It's a different feeling being in a restaurant on a ship. I guess it's the windows, & the light, & the view of the vast open ocean & the sensation of cruising. It's exciting in a naive, child-like wonder kind of way.

And one very commendable thing about Star Aquarius restaurant is you have to patiently wait for a table and they come very fast. Once there is empty table of your group size, you will be given a card as follows. Placing the card on the table means the table is taken and you can go grab your food without having to worry about someone else grabbing your table. So there is absolutely no need to fight for your table by putting handbags on different tables or get your group members go early and sit down to reserve.

Vegies with Vermicelli ~ Vegetarian style

The food here is not something Nee would shout about, but it was above edible generally.

Normal Fried Rice as normal as it can get

It was lunch buffet style but somehow the food was served to the tables on plates like these. So whenever anyone sits down, these stardard few pieces of dishes will immediately appear from nowhere & laid down onto the table by the efficient waiters. The only difference is size which is dependent on the number of people on the table. So obviously we had the smallest plate.

Sweet and Sour Pork

I couldn't help but to think that there was a food ration going on, like, 'Here's all you can have. Eat up.' But then I saw that the other tables were piling plates like nobody's business so I knew that wasn't true. You can ask for refill. And on some tables, the leftovers were excessive. Felt a little heartsick to see all the food not eaten especially in times like this when resources seems to be getting scarce. One thing about food here, it's plenty & it's non-stop gluttony. Star Cruise dont not hold back anything in terms of food.

Stir Fry Vegies with with fish and Chestnuts

I was pleasantly surprised to come across this black sesame dessert again, after having it in Hong Kong. But really pale in comparison.

Oh, just for the record. These were the BEFORE pictures.

Greg & Nee before the grand epic marathon.

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