Wednesday, July 30, 2008

London Day 2: King's Cross Station

After our failed trip to Smithfield, we took a bus back to King's Cross Station. This is one of the most central & busiest stations in London. From the map, it looks like most tubes and buses will pass through this station, making it one of the main station in London. Of course the British National Rail also stops for travellers to other part of England.
In fact, the place was so packed with so many people that it fulfilled every single requirement for a terrorist bomb attack in 2005.

We knew about the bombing on 7th July 2005 but we were of course not aware of the fact that this THE Station and the bomber started at King Cross towards the Russell Square station, until Nee's cousin Sophia informed us later on, with a straight face. Then we saw the memorial.

It was just yesterday 8th July 2008 that we took the tube from Heathrow straight down to King's Cross. Little did we know that the day before that was the anniversary of the attack. By right, this realisation should have sent shivers down our spines. But we just thought, 'cool'.

It was a bit like stepping on dog poo. When you've accidentally done it, it's done. There's no point being afraid anymore. Anyway, we were sort of lackadaisal about it cos we knew our entire cell group back in Malaysia was praying for our safe trip heheheh. Thank you guys. Great Job! We are back in two pieces.

As with most British historical buildings, this place exudes a sense of wonder about it - about how old the place is, how long it has been there, & the whole history that it came with.

Marks & Spencer is as British as it is going to get. This is one of it's smaller sized-down outlets, much like a 7-Eleven concept.

Imagine if Parkson Grand, Choice or Ta Khiong did something similar like this.

Oh, this is about the cheapest breakfast that you'll be able to find in the whole of London. NEE: I am still salivating looking at the baguettes and sandwiches and thinking of the bread.

We read that Harry Potter was filmed at King's Cross station at Platform 9 3/4 for the scene when he had to run INTO the platform to get to Hogswarth.

Well, we couldn't get to Platform 9 cos we were keeping a close watch on time, but this was close.

We found that staying near King's Cross was very convenient. Some people say that it's not a very good area, but I suppose that's to the immediate east of the station. Anyway, it's always best to avoid any tube stations when it get's empty late into the night.

We found Argyle Square (a road opposite to the Station) to be a very clean & safe neighbourhood, surrounded by reputable B&B hotels.

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