Monday, July 28, 2008

London Day 2: The First English Breakfast

Oh, I forgot to post a picture of the hotel that we were staying in London on our first night. This is how it looked like from the outside, on Argyle Square on a wet morning.

The hotels here are quite peculiar. Most of them used to be residential homes, with their own entrances & backyards, with a limited number of rooms, & limited rooms with bathrooms ensuite. So a hotel here means that it consists of several units of these individual homes. When we registered at the main entrance, we took the key, & had to walk out out past a couple of these units before we reach the unit where our room was.

Our room overlooked a beautiful quiet garden, where we took our fish and chips the night before. By the way, it was summer in London and temperature is between 12 to 21 deg cel. A cardigan or jacket would be nice to bring along.

The good thing about The European Hotel was that it was inclusive of breakfast. And that morning, we got a seat by the window, facing the backyard.

And when the English bread & butter came, we knew our holiday had officially started.

The English bread is one of the best that we've ever tasted. They were compact, silky fine, & yet with the right balance of chewiness. And their butter is the most excellent - light, creamy & soft. The feeling is like finally finding the most perfect pillow after a long search.

English eggs have very healthy & attractive orange coloured yolks. Even though the sausage was a bit bland (the taste couldn't really come out but English sausages are freshly made and most of us are so used to American hotdogs that eating these sausages is sort of like any acquired taste), & the bacon was a tact bit salty, we were still extremely happy with it. On the street though, a full English breakfast would cost anything between £3 to £8 (RM 20 to RM55).

This was our very first authentic English breakfast in London, & our Happy-O-Meter is bursting with excitement.


Dav DiDi said...


The breakfast make my stomache hungry..... looks yummy

NEE said...

yeah we crave for it to when we come back. but it is very sinful cause everything is kinda fried up.

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