Wednesday, March 12, 2008

People's Power

On March 9, Sunday morning, Malaysians woke up to the news of BN being denied their 2/3rd majority and their loses of 5 West Malaysian states in the March 8 elections.

Both of us stayed up till almost 1 am but finally caved in after that. We went to bed praying for our country. And God has done the impossible, or what we as the little humans had thought was the impossible. Once again God has proven that He reigns!

For many Malaysians, we have been disheartened, disappointed & let down by our government. Badawi promised in 2004 to fight corruption, improve transparency, to have open public tenders, build the economy and one Malaysia for all Malaysians and repair any mess that was left over from the Mahathir era. Instead things got worst ~ corruption went rampant;

Politicians built houses worth millions

and fed the crowd in a feast that costs 1/2 million and they went scooting away free;

Kerises were pulled out and kissed at parties' assemblies, threatening racial intergrity; racial segregation was more obvious than ever before; THE FAMILY-controlled businesses are booming while most small to medium businesses finds it harder and harder to survive based on real capabalities; civil service hardly improved; universities' position started to glide downwards in their rankings; we hear about kidnaps and murders of children, terrifying robberies and snatching and we don't even feel safe in this land anymore. Our politicians went on their merry ways, saying the darnest things and promising the same old promises that they had never plan to fulfill. They went on disregarding the people's voices. They heard but never listened.

March 8 proved that they cannot disregard us. We had shouted very quietly and in an orderly fashion. When we put down the two strokes on our balloting paper, we had chosen to give ourselves a chance. We said, "WE Malaysians have a choice now." We only want those who serves us and us alone only. We are not the oppressed people as we thought we were. We have rights and we exercised them. By exercising those rights, we had given ourselves hope. We had set a new heartbeat, a new precedence for Malaysians and our children. Many of us woke up on March 9 and felt that new ray of hope. There was no huge excitement, no jumping up and down in joy, no huge parties or celebrations to be seen. But Greg and I for one, smiled from the bottom of our hearts. We felt very warm and peaceful, very quietly thankful to the Almighty and we smiled at that new ray of hope. Malaysia still has hope.

Many may feel that Sarawakians are still deep in our sleep and how could we let that 'ruling' family continue to oppress us. Are we really that gutless?! Are we really that stupid?! Sarawakians' polling results was nothing to shout about for sure. Initially, many of the oppositions are actually winning the main urban areas in Sarawak until the postal votes came in from the interior.

But i do appeal to all readers to understand that Sarawak and Sabah is not just comprising of Malays, Chinese and Indians. We have the real sons of this land, the indigenous people ~ the Ibans, the Dayaks, the Orang Ulus etc. While most people in the urban areas are not supporting the BN coalition, these people are clueless about their rights. Many of them are uneducated. These are simple, forthright, trusting people. To them life is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. While we have Malay, Chinese and Indian oppositions, they have no one to speak up for their rights. There is no one to tell them that they are treated like the rubbish in their own land. Their 'representatives' had been ripping them off. Those 'representatives' have given these people nothing. For their own selfish gains, they sold off their people. And these people, many of them so poor and their living conditions so sad that some dont even have the basic ammenities. So for a few miserable dollars, they sold off their votes and their rights, and in some cases their lands and their homes.

Please have mercy on these people. Opposition leaders, please don't forget them! Bring on their plights with you! Stand up for them too! We truly believe that God loves them dearly and we would pray that there would be some good people standing up for them soon. We dearly hope that they are some among themselves that would fight for their rights and tell them how oppressed they actually are. Then only then we, maybe in the near future, will see the real people's power in Sarawak.

If the BN coalition dont put their acts together, the revival would not be only in 5 states but across the land. If the opposition dont work to deliver what they promised, we will change them. And that is Real People's Power!


CK-II said...

Well said, Nee! The indigenous people's so called 'representatives' are oppressing their own people and try to keep them ignorant of their own rights, to the advantage of the politicians of BN. Sarawak really needs some of these indigenous people to stand out and fight for their own rights. I hope this will happen in the State election in 3 years time.

WoMbOk™♂ said...

I share ck's sentiment. A very heart felt and well written post.

I hope DAP and Co. in West M'sia will start to set things right and hopefully, just hopefully, we will see big changes in Sarawak in future.

Let the Rockets fly!

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

well said!i am hopeful tt Malaysia will be better with this change. even now, we are better than our neighbours in terms of corruption level n other issues.overall, ppl r maturing n Sabah n Sarawak will also wake up. whatever is said about Badawi being weak, he is a gentleman compared to the previous PM.if Dr M was still in charge, we'd still be under his manipulative, controlling & draconian hands. God bless this nation!

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