Sunday, May 4, 2008

Greg's Birthday Bash

NEE: We always enjoy having friends over for little get togethers. What better excuse than birthdays. Normally, there would be at least 2 birthday celebrations for Greg's, one with our cell friends and another with family and sometimes an additional for close collegues. This year we are sticking to one home cook for cell friends and one small eating out for family next week.

GREG: It is certainly most embarassing to be surrounded by little children while they sing you Happy Birthday Day, & after that, fighting to blow the candle with you.

And in a very wierd way, I almost understood how an old granpa would have felt to be surrounded by his great grandchildren. Well, this was my birthday, but those kids ain't my great grandchildren. There were at least 18 of them belonging to cell friends and we couldn't fit all of them into the camera frame.

Nee graciously cooked up a Tsunami on Friday nite & we invited friends from our cell group over for a big Italian themed dinner. Literally, she marathon-cooked for the whole afternoon for 5 hours until she almost fainted.

And behold, the Great Italian Mafia spread:

Take it easy. This is just the appetizer. I'll let Nee take you thru it.

NEE: Italy's famous Antipasto export: Bruschetta, done with homemade French Loaf

Another antipasto: Beef Carpaccio with Homemade Tonnato Sauce

Grilled Vegies with Balsamic Vinegerattes

NEE: It's important to note that when serving Italian dishes for a party, cetain dishes can only be cooked after the guests have arrived & are revving up to eat. Therefore, sometimes it can be a strain as the cooking still goes on even when the guests are already seated & are already eating.

Pasta: Spaghetti Aglio-olio with Seafood

Another Pasta: Linguine Carbornara

Lasagna al Forno (oops a little burnt on top, hehe..)

For the mains, we had:

Chicken Piccatta : The chicken breast pieces are as tender as fish

Osso Bucco with Mashed Potatos (I cheated. Did a oxtail version), served with Gremolata

Italian Style Roast Lamb Shoulders served with Rosemary Garlic Cream Sauce.

I did 2 pizzas. They should always come out last from the kitchen, fresh from the oven onto the table & into the tummy.

WARNING: We are now entering the dangerous dessert area:

Panna Cotta ~ Italian Cooked Cream with Homemade Strawberry Coullis.
Greg calls this one the Mafia Shootout.

GREG: And just when you think the night has ended, Nee came out with a fire show.

Le Creme Brulee (very Un-Italian, French in fact).

GREG: Wow. I thought I was only getting food on my birthday party.
Instead there was a circus show as well.

Greg's birthday cake: Strawberry Cream Cake. Layers of sponges with strawberry and fresh diary cream and topped with buttercream for a little more zest.

GREG: Special thanks to everyone who came by, & for all the presents. I really felt like Don Corleone. FYI, my actual birthday hasn't arrived yet MUAHAHAHAHA.


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

my goodness! tt looks like a hotel spread! so many main courses all done by one person n even the french loaf is home made! amaaazzing, nee!n happy birthday Lucky Greg!

WoMbOk™♂ said...

WaH~.. Can really open a restaurant liau Nee~ That is such an impressive / delicious looking spread.

Keke. Happy bday Greg!

NEE said...

A Terri: Thanks. I was exhausted but worth it la to see ppl enjoying themselves.

Wombok: Cook a meal like this once a year is enough hehehe...

Philip's Dream Team said...

We are the privileged ones to be invited to this grand meal. Looking thru the photos makes us very hungry and drooling again.

NEE said... was our pleasure to have you all.

zerry ht said...

Greg's Birthday Bash was cool and creative. Such amazing job has been done for this cute party. I too am working on the DIY carnival themed party for my son. Just booked the best event venue Atlanta for this family party and now creating DIY decorations. Having so much enjoyment working on these crafts.

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