Tuesday, May 6, 2008

All for a Loving and Caring Society

Every morning when we pick up the papers, there will alway be a piece of news of newborn babies dead & abandoned, children being neglected, abducted (the still missing 5-year old Sharlinie missing since Jan 9, 2008), abused and murdered (remember the horrific Nurul case last year?). All of these are very chilling and sickening stories. And they're not things which happen in far away America or UK or Indonesia or Thailand which has got less to do with us, but it's something that is happening right here at home.

There are also more and more children born sick with asthma and with the weirdest forms of cancer, physical/mental abnormality and handicap which makes us appreciate the fact that having a healthy child no matter how naughty they can be is still like striking jackpot lottery.

Have you ever wondered what is really happening to our world and society? Aren't children supposed to be our future leaders, the generation that must be nurtured, cared for and loved? Why are family units crumbling and why are they so many social ills?

Despite these sad aspects of things, every time Greg and I are involved in charity work, we are quite amazed to witness the generousity of some individuals. They contribute their time, effort, talent and of course money for charitable causes. Over the weekend, we watched Kuchingites working hard to contribute to a charity. Our good friend, Doreen's school for the mentally handicapped children were having the annual sales. Many people volunteered to set up stores to sell all types of food and some very creative & fun activities like body painting. Many people also showed up with pre-sold tickets to support the charity sales.

If it is not for the general public and their kind support, we think the world will be a much more sadder place for these less fortunate ones. Governmental support is downright miserable. The funding for the blind, deaf, handicapped, orphans and abused children are pathetic.

Did you know that the Kuching Blind Centre had to build an entire new building based on the support of the general public public & a few individual philantropist? There was barely any contribution from the government and their so called ministers. They are usually very good at holding big grand cheque-handing-over ceremonies at big grand hotels, with the media snapping away. But if you look at the cheque, the amount is so miserable. Sometimes I wonder why millions are wasted on abandoned, unfinished and overpaid projects, elections campaigns, grand opening ceremonies and so on. The mathematics just does not tally.

There are actually genuine needs out there to make life better for these less fortunate people and children. They are many of you with big hearts and lots of care and love for them. So if you think you can contribute your dollars or effort and time, please do so. They are right here in Kuching, not some far away places.

Children charities that always need extra support are like the School for the Mentally Handicapped where a large amount of funding is needed anually for special equipments, staffing and the daily operations.

The Salvation Army is also another organisation that solely relies on charity to survive. Many children there are neglected, some without parents, while others are abused children. Funding is needed for the daily operation, children's books, food and clothing. These children basically do not have even 1/4th of the privileges of a normal child, from a normal average family.

Other organisations in need also include Autistic Children, Thelesammia, The Cheshire Home, School for Deaf and Dumb & The Blind Centre.

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