Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Poot Chai Ko

IF there is a legend that says one never stops eating in Hong Kong, then I'd have to asure you that it's true. Unlike Macau, food is never out of reach in Hong Kong. On every street, every corner, in any crack on the wall that you can find, there is food.

This is one of the most famous street stalls around selling food in true guerilla style. The stalls are modular & mobile, just in case the authorities appear. Any physical sections of the stall can be dropped off, like the cicak's tail when threatened.

This is the famous infamous Poot Chai Ko in all of Hong Kong.

I know the name doesn't do justice to this dessert, but these are the true originals in Hong Kong.

Most guerilla street vendors do not allow photographs to be taken for fear of the authorities. They would sometimes throw their pots & pans at you. But we had our way with them heheheh.

"Auntie ah, we heard your stall is very the famous. Can take picture ah?"

In fact, we were so good at it, they even posed with a smile.

These women were the archetypes of the old economy, the perfect example of hardwork for survival.

When you see these old folks working hard, earning by the dollar, you can't help to appreciate what they do.

However, for me personally, I thought these things tasted a bit bland.

They're probably made of glutinous rice flour or something similar.

Maybe it's one of those things with acquired taste. It probably takes some time for the taste to sink in. But we know that we'll definitely be eating this again when we return to Hong Kong. With a name like Poot Chai Ko, how can you resist?

This famous snacks are available at Central of Hong Kong Island at the junction of Wellington St and D' Aguilar St.


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