Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mum's Hearty Beef Soup

Both of us had an exhausting week. And whenever that happens, it is a pain to us; to me because I could hardly muster any more enery to cook at all especially when I only got home around after 6pm, also throwing in a one day trip to KL; to Greg, he had to put up with outside food. We are a little spoilt because we would rather have a simple, home cooked meal rather than the generally oily food outside.

So when I finally got down to it towards the end of the week, I realised the menu for the week has been rather beefy because shopping is done at Supermarket rather than wet market. We started with my Mum's beef soup and other chinese dishes, followed by some Korean beef stew with Bimbimbap (also has beef mince) the next day and some beef pepperoni pizza over the weekend. And I still have some more beef at home. A little overdone with beef. But Greg is more than happy that his wife is cooking again.

This recipe is my Mum's and she cooked this since we were young but stopped when Dad was too highly ladened with cholesterol and start cutting out more salt, carbo and meat from his food. I love it. I could eat this with rice alone only.

800 gm of stewing beef cut like muscles
2 no large potatos, cut to big cubes
2 no of medium carrot, cut to big cubes
3 no of big tomatos, sliced wedges or round
1 no of medium szechuan vegies, cut to big cubes
1 no of big onion, diced
1 pip of garlic, washed and slightly take off the skin
2 - 2.5 litre of water

1) Boil water. Add onion and garlic. Continue boiling for another 5 min or so.

2) Add beef. Boil and simmer at low heat for more than 1 hour or beef becomes tender.

3) Add hard vegies like szechuan vegies, carrots and potatos. Continue simmering till all vegies are cooked. (Note: Wash szechuan vegies really well to prevent over saltiness. The vegies tend to release more saltiness as you simmer)

4) Finally add tomatos. No salt and pepper are added.

Makes a really hearty meal if you have it piping hot and if leave overnight, it is even better as the flavour tend to release better after reboiling. Serve with rice and/or other chinese dishes.


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

wah! i can tell tt with the tomatoes n sichuan veg this is some soup. must try this:thanks dear!

NEE said...

no prob. hope you will like it too. my prob is always with the szechuan vegies sometimes i under washed and the soup becomes tate too salty.

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