Friday, January 18, 2008

Macau:The Quest for Food Begins

We certainly felt like amateur travellers on our first night in Macau. We were excited like little bunnies, but hungry like Sibu ducks which would eat even mud. And we didn't have a clue where to find food.

It was a maze. Finding authentic food was never as difficult as this. There was nothing original around.

Lonely planet was no help either. According to the book, there's supposed to be a long stretch of hawker food in the west coastal area but the taxi driver we asked said that there's only one store left.

We finally settled for a place near our hotel that looked decently decent - Chi Mei Mun Uk. Don't ask me what that meant. I'm a banana.

I know. It looked suspiciously commercial. 24 hours. At a glimpse, you could have just easily mistaken this place to be McD.

As I was an alien in Macau, & Nee's mandarin is limited to speaking, our fellow adventure traveller CK had to work the menu.

He worked hard, and we had these to eat.

Chicken Simmered in Abalone Sauce ~ Sounds good, looks good and hey it actually tastes good! 1/2 a chicken and we walloped everything. At that point in time, beggars cannot be choosers.

La Mien with Abalone slices ~ Quite nice. Not so oily but seriously very commercial.

Fried Hor Fun with XO beef slices ~ Not bad. The oil was not super fresh but at least it was not stinky smelly like some eateries which recycled theirs too many times.

Roast Pork Rice ~ Nice as well. Crispy and juicy.

We paid about MOP 120/RM 50+ for the four items. Like I said, it was some kind of franchised commercial food. But then again, I'd have to say that this was as good as it will ever get for that kind of level.


WoMbOk™♂ said...

Oo~ The roast pork looks very good. Hmm... I will make a note of that. Must bring travel companion who can read chinese if i go.

Greg Wee said...

Wait till you see the ones in Hong Kong my friend!

-popjammerz- said...

Hey Greg, your roast pork taken very well! Can go advertise hahaha! People will definitely drool after seeing me!Haha!

sarawakiana said...

Wow your kaliu must have been really great!!

Good for you. Great Pictures!

Happy , Wealthy and prosperous Chinese New Year.


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