Friday, March 7, 2008

Wild Time at Wild Rice

Ok, we're writing about this place called Wild Rice, not because it's one of the better restaurants around, but more because the hotel room rates at Boulevard included breakfast.

So when you've paid for breakfast, you's have to go for breakfast. You's got to do what you's got to do!

Wild Rice had a nice balcony area for those who like to sit down & slowly take their time to read the morning papers, have their breakfast & sip their coffee. That didn't include us. We're with the other group - the one with not enough time, always squeezing out every drop of minute for shopping, & aircond intolerant.

Inside, huge red lanterns adorn the ceilings giving it a very oriental feeling.

Breakfast here is buffet style. Pick a plate & fill it up. They've got the usual local dishes like bee hoon, nasi lemak & sausages, eggs, baked beans, toast, pastries, etc.

This is the main dining area. I thought the zebra designs was a wierd choice for the carpet. It confused me. I kept thinking it had a wildlife theme. Wild Rice = Wild Life.

This must be the area for lone diners. So secluded. So ... sad & lonely. There's the paintings again. But this one looks harmless. Probably by another painter. Whew.

Usually at any buffet, I would go for at least 3 rounds (Local nasi lemak, Western breakfast, Toast, Cereal, Fruits). But like I said. We were in a rush.

So Nee had this. No description needed.

And I had this.

See the soft boiled egg? They had them readied in little bowls with glad wrap on them, on top of the steamer containers. I like.

And to satisfwy the wittle boy inside me - corn fwakes - YAYY!

At this point, Nee made a passing remark: The food tastes just like Cititel Hotel's.
I think she's right. After all, they're both under the same management.

How was the food? Look at the pictures. They don't look too great eh? In fact, they tasted exactly like how they looked. If I were to give a grade, it'd have to be hovering around 65-70%.


Just a Mom, said...

HI guys!
Sarah here (mom of Letitia and Mathena)...great to finally see your blog.
Have put up pics of our KCH trip too!
Have a look and keep in touch!

NEE said...

Hi Sarah

We visited yours yesterday. love the pics of the gals. keep in touch. thanks for the sharing the other day.

Regards to your mum.

sarawakiana said...

You two are really on the go!!

Nice intro to Wild Rice. Only the lanterns are nice.

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