Monday, March 3, 2008

The Defection to Hotel Boulevard

Our Cititel Hotel has forsaken us! Apparently their business has been bombastically booming & they didn't have rooms when we checked with them. And since their rates (RM250) were almost matching Boulevard's (RM270), we sold our loyalty off. We took a room at Boulevard.

Actually this business of loyalty is just for dramatic effect only lah. Both the hotels are under the same management - CHM.

But between both the hotels, you'd start to feel the price difference right from inside the lift.

Wahh, RM20 difference & the lift has computer graphics display panel.

The first thing you'd notice about Hotel Boulevard's room is that it's quite spacious.

In fact, it had enough space for more than two people. Unlike Cititel, you don't have to ask for extra pillows.

If you're creative enough, you can always find enough space to stash a few relatives here & there.

The next thing you'd notice about Hotel Boulevard is that the paintings on the wall are ugly.

Whether it's hanging at the lobby, or at the restaurant, or in the rooms, they're all by the same painter. Very unfortunate. I try not to look at this wall most of the time.

The toilet's also very generous with space.

Unfortunately, Nee splashed her way thru before I could take untouched beautiful & serene pictures.

It is believed that all humans originated from Mother Africa.

And shower heads all over the world originated from this Big Mama. This was the biggest shower head I've ever seen. It's about a foot in diameter. No kidding.

Nee has a very peculiar ritual. Whenever we check into a new hotel room, she'd be the first one to hit the toilet. Then immediately after that she would be glued to bed & the TV. And most of the time, she would lucky enough cos somehow or rather, some kind of Hong Kong TVB drama would be showing.

Hotel Boulevard is located next to Midvalley Megamall's South Court Entrance (the one with Esquire Kitchen & Girls). There is a connecting doorway from the hotel lift area to the mall. It took this uncle & auntie a while to realise that.

Oh, the RM20 difference also includes an ironing set in the cabinet.

I guess you get what you pay for. No money, no honey.


Brede said...

LOL! that is really a very disturbing picture. you should have suggested a consignment of those art pieces from the Childrens Charity Art Exhibition to the Hotel. Much much much better choice.

Greg Wee said...

You are so right!!!

WoMbOk™♂ said...

So that's where my painting went! kekeke.

Greg Wee said...

Wombok, they'vegot one painting in every room. And I think they had about 20+ floors. That's not counting the restaurants & gym & lobby area etc. You're making a lot of money!

IguanaKia said...

The room looks good.
Next time go KL, must book this hotel.

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