Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Temple of Mango Dessert

When we chanced upon this dessert shop in Hong Kong, we weren't really sure what it was.

It looked like a dessert shop, but at the same time, it also looked like the Tua Pek Kong temple in Kuching .
We knew the shop had a menu & everything but we weren't sure whether that was the food menu for offerings. Just kiddinglah. We were pretty much the innocent, puppy-eyed tourists but we weren't stupik.

Actually, She Liew San is a very well known chain of franchise shops which specialise in Mango dessert. Almost everything they sell there had mango in it. I don't know where they get so many the mango. Uncle Ting Pek Khing would have been an even happier man (he is already very happy. If I were him, I'd be too) if this shop was in Kuching. His Ming Khiong Garden's mango business would have exploded the billboard charts & the movies' top ten box office.

In Hong Kong, this mango shop is everywhere, just like Ming Khiong's Garden in Sarawak. It seems to be a very popular hang out place. We saw one at Tsim Tsai Tsui and another one at Causeway Bay, and I'm sure there's lots more.

And after seeing it everywhere, you knew you needed to try it out to see what the heck it's all about. The place is small as anywhere else in Hong Kong. Seats are limited & business is brisk. When you step in, a woman would suddenly appear out of nowhere & start finding seats for you in Hong Kong speed.

Sorry, I couldn't resist doing this. Well, she does look like she's shooting web.

The menu has much more mango based items, but we could only fit these in (how much mango can a human being take?):

Mango juice and mango cubes in coconut milk with a mango gelato ~ superb for mango lovers. Double , triple dose of mango. Very fresh mangoes too.

Mango juice and mango cubes in coconut milk and black glutinous rice. Another thumbs up. One faboulous thing about this store is that the mango's sweetness is just nice. Not too sweet neither too sour.

Greg ordered a traditional warm simmered papaya with white fungus dessert AGAIN.

Supposedly very good for skin and throat. It was nice but nothing to shout about. I think most Hong Kongers had mastered this dessert to the hilt.

Of course there were other snack items of non-mango relations:

Radish cake.

Very crispy on the outer layer and soft sticky inside. Yum!

Glutinous rice ball with peanut and sugar.

A little like our muaci here but the balls at this place were nicely chewy and peanut with sesame and sugar combo is fresh and thus gave the balls a well blended flavour.


pamsong said...

HAHAHA. The spider lady part was classic lah. Haha.

Greg Wee said...

I was hoping the web bits didn't get into my food. Don't know if it did...

Philip's Dream Team said...

Hi Greg, I'm impressed at how you can make web out of nothing from her hand, will learn from you one of these days, still new in this business.

NEE said...

hahaha i think you two have a lot to talk about next time we have cell...welcome to the bloggers world. but pls note that blogging can be detrimental to health. not only you have constant food cravings when looking at other ppl blog and thus piling on the kgs, you will be addicted and genearllywould not go to bed before 12am. hehehe..good luck

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