Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Everyone's on Holiday in Serikin

This is Part 2 of the road trip that we took during the long holidays. It didn't turn out so well.

After filling up our guts (which is always our number one priority) at Pekan Tondong, we headed further up towards a place called Serikin. It's just a very short drive from Bau.

It's nice to be able to see mountains when you're on the road. This is not an unusual site as all the major towns & cities in Sarawak including Kuching is quite flat, & you can actually see the mountains in the backdrop. But compared to Mount Kinabalu, this mountain looks more like an acne.

And before Nee could say 'I wanna go home liao', we were there.

Serikin, the town near the Indonesian border to Kalimantan. Again, images of the lone gunman riding into a cowboy ghost town flashed across my mind...

It was so quite that you could almost hear the gravel talking to each other.

Uhh, hello. We're tourists, & we have money to spend.

We're city folks. We got cash. Somebody sell us something already.

Hello? Big city folks = $$$

Uncle, itu tanah mau jual ka?

And as fast as we did Tondong, we were done with Serikin...

If we'd stayed on a little bit longer, we would have seen a tumbleweed rolling by.

No, we didn't see one. This is just for illustration purposes only.

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Anonymous said...

Ben Yu (in Foo Chow),

For ur info. Sirikin market only open on Saturday and Sunday. Too Bad. U didnt visit @ the right time.

(Born in Sibu, Currently working in Labuan, Family in Kuching now) :-) Cheers! (NGARYIENGL@YAHOO.COM)

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