Monday, April 14, 2008

Dim Sum in Hong Kong

It's strange. In Hong Kong, it was easier to find good wonton noodles than good dim sum places. Don't get us wrong, dim sum is everywhere in Hong Kong. In fact, you might just trip over a few on the streets if you're not careful enough. They're all over the place. The problem was that we didn't really know where to find the most authentic ones. I guess dim sum is just that common there.

Apparently, according to our secret source (an old taxi driver who drove us back from Tsim Sha Tsui), there was a place worth trying out near our hotel.

Due to my extremely limited Cantonese vocabulary, the only way I could make sense of the restaurant's name is to associate the 'Wah' in 'Wing Wah' to 'Waaaaah, so delicious.'

I couldn't remember whether I took any photos of the restaurant interior. I thought I did but I couldn't find them. Anyway, there were a lot of old people there, having their breakfast in their own sweet time with the newspapers in front of them. I guess they deserve that kind of life after all those years of hardwork. I felt a bit guilty there, like I should be in the office working instead of holidaying. ;P

Anyway, here's what we had.

Nothing spectacular but everything seemed to taste good. I guess even the lousiest dim sum here is better than Kuching's best anytime.

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