Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mak's Noodles

Mak's Noodles are featured in a lot of travel guide and is considered one of the must go eateries in Hong Kong. The noodles there are supposed to be a-hand-me-down recipe from the previous generation, and is made of duck eggs.

This differs from the usual ones that are made of chicken eggs. The broth is cooked and simmered extensively.

We missed this place two nights before cos it was already closed when we got there. So, in high anticipation and eagerness we ordered these.

The noodles come in a Chinese soup bowl. Yes, Chinese bowl, & not the normal soup bowl. So the size is ridiculously small. For the price ranging from HKD22 to HKD 35, the noodle portion is TINY.

Compared to Tsim's noodles, which is the shop just directly across the street, Mak's prices are definitely doubled, while the size incredibly shrinks by 50%.

The verdict: The first mouthful is excellent. The noodle is so al dente and the soup is very tasty, bursting with various flavours. This indicates good and proper simmering.

But as we ate on, and by the end of the tiny bowl, I for some reason tasted and smelled a distinct hint of ammonia or something similar. And it is definitely from the noodles as it seeps into the soup. are the noodles really that fresh after all?!!!

Mak's Score: Close to 8/10. Good but DEFINITELY NOT the Best Wanton Noodles in Hong Kong.

Note: They are strict when it comes to their closing time. They are not beginning to close at 8, they are all SHUT by 8.


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

my HK friends, who r very very 'sharp mouth' eaters, reckon tt Mak's most popular with tourists bc of all those ads in guide books n tvs whereas locals go for Jim's/Tsim. when i was there last year, there was not a single cuatomer at Mak's but Jim's was full. Interestingly, at Mak's other branches where no Jim's around, there r customers. i would swim the shark-infested seas to eat at Jim's.
i have learnt tt even HK Tourism guide books r not to be trusted. i ate wonton noodles at a HK Tourism awarded restaurant in Causeway Bay n it was so awful I couldn't finish it. i think its the same in Msia. many tourism-awarded restaurants are exactly the ones tt locals don't eat at.

nee said... you really love Tsim eh to even swim in those dangerous water.

yeah the angmo guide book is really really no good when it comes to hongkong. lonely planet sucks. we had one. but luckily end up with another from a fren. called eat your way around hongkong. this is by their local hongkong food taster those that appears in their local food show. that guide book was good.

but you are rite. mak's is overated. like we said first few sips excellent then so ammonia the taste. i was totally put off lucking the dish is small.

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