Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Hong Kong International Toy Fair Fast Forward

We were at the Hong Kong International Toy & Stationery Fair in January. It was held at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre for a total of 3 days.

The exhibition was humongous, covering 5-7 halls.

I was expecting to see kids screaming & rolling on the floor there but it turned out to be a very business event. All we saw were serious grownups in ties & suits. Kids were not allowed.

When we got there, I felt like a 5-year old again.

Photography was not allowed in the halls, & I wasn't ready to chance it. I imagined if I did, it would have been embarassing to be told off by the security personnel. Even more so if they start asking where we're from. We would have been a big embarassment to Malaysia. But come to think of it, Malaysia has already been embarassed many times. Scary Khairy & Zam Zam Alakazam have done their job well in this department. No to mention the recent action video star.

Most of the booths were manned by companies from China. They could make anything from A to Z, & backwards again. Santa Claus would save a lot of money if he'd move his toy factory to China.

We finished off in the evening & like cows, we followed the herd of people out of the building.

Never did we realise how beautiful it was on the outside!

We have finally finally finally arrived in Hong Kong!

When we left the place, this poster was already up.

Imagine that. They've got everything planned out for next year already. It left me with the impression of how advanced the society in Hong Kong is. The way they do things, & their thinking is so far ahead, light years away from Malaysia.

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