Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year!

As usual, year after year, our new year decor is minimal.

We do not have those huge red Chinese lanterns hanging off our car porch, nor do we have those gigantic pineapples like the ones hanging at Ting Pek Khing's Terminal 2 house. Maybe that's why he's rich & we're not.

We bought a few fake flowers from Green Gallery. They're very obviously fake as the price tag is still on.

Fake. Poser.

Cushion cover from Hong Kong.

Fresh Lilies have always been a part of our New Year presentation.

The dining table is the only area in our whole house to have some inkling of red colour. We're somehow not so into the traditional ways of decorating, you know, like having an overdose of red on everything. We're not even keen on firecrackers & fireworks. To quote my brother-in-law, we're so angmo.

This is about the only crackers that we're interested in.

Nee's sweet purple potato crackers.

Nee's fish crackers.

Nee's pineapple tarts, kuih momo, sambal triangles & Hongkie Kong.

We've also got these very very traditional ones from my grandma.

Kuih bangkit.

Lek Tau Ko (Mung bean paste)

I used to help my grandma make these when I was a little kid during the school holidays. She'd manually grind the beans into powder on her traditional grinder. Later on, we'd pack the powder into those wooden mould & compact them in by pushing them with the handle end of the spoon.

Althoug it was child labour, I enjoyed it & treasure that experience very much. Nobody's really making them nowadays in a very traditional way. It is truly a lost art. Now serving at Greg & Nee's house!

Greg & Nee wishes all our thousands of readers a very happy & prosperous Chinese New Year!

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