Thursday, February 7, 2008

The End of a Marathon!

A day before Chinese New Year's eve, Nee's fridge looked like this.

I suspect most people's fridges look similar every year at a time like this. Space was very limited & it felt like we're back in Hong Kong. Nee's freezer was so packed with layer cakes that even the ice cubes were evicted.

Even the freezer she just bought a couple of days ago was already filled to the brim.

Nee was screaming & I had to help her reconfigure some more space. I defragmented the fridge & came out with this arrangement.

As the cakes could not fit in side by side, I alternate half of them on top of containers. Like this we could squeeze in 6 cakes onto every shelf. Waisay, for the first time I felt I was cleverer than Nee.

But on the day before New Year's Eve, everything was done, right on target, right on time. I checked, Nee was still breathing. Although she was still conscious, her brain was not functioning.

It was a 2 week's marathon. 150 cakes.
Happy Chinese New Year!


Roger said...

Shit someone is rich already

Greg Wee said...

Hi Roger. No profanities & no references to human excretion please. This is a food blog, and we'd like to keep the picture of food in our head. heheh

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