Tuesday, December 18, 2007

NEE's Birthday

Celebrated my XX birthday yesterday. I woke up lazy and contemplating to take the day off. As students are all on holiday and Christmas mood is nearing, all I had to do was just call the office and say I am not coming in.

But Greg insisted I should just show face in the office and actually strongly encouraged me to go. It did not occur to me that he was acting a little funny, even when he offered to send me to work.

My sweet hubby actually had a birthday bouquet send to my office. The poor guy was sweating for the whole morning, running in and out of the house to secretly make calls to confirm sending, then cancel sending, and then confirm sending again, and I did not even know.

Well, receiving flowers in public strangely makes a woman feel very superior and how lien. It's the case of 'Look! Look! I have flowers!' It seems like women also have their egos to be fulfilled. So men, surprise your wives once in a while.

And that night, we had a little dinner at Sahara. Will let Greg tell you all about it.

Greg: The flowers came with this. I thought the pink was a bit teeny & corny for our age. So I took it off.


Brede said...

in all the excitement seeing (and smelling and then wlofing down) the wonderful food on the table, forgot to say 'HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEE!!!'

WoMbOk™♂ said...

Oh man.. Like brede above :P

I was too engrossed with the meats.. the treats.. and the sticky date pudding.

Happy belated birthday Nee~!

NEE said...

Geez..thanks guys. it was really good to have you guys over. def motivated to do this more often. esp if i need guinea pigs hahaha...

Fern said...

Hey Hey.. Happy Belated Birthday!! ^^;; Sorry for the v. late wishes..

NEE said...

heay no prob. same to you too. thanks for helping with the ribbons. I really like the myer ones. the christmas tree one is nice as well.

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