Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Bloggers' Meet

In Kuching when someone talks big, you response by saying 'yerday'. It means 'yeah, right'. You've got to drag it when you say it - yerrrrrdayy. I have no clue where this thing actually originated from. We just kind of grew up with it. It's just culture now.

So when I say there was a Meeting of The Great Kuching Bloggers last week, it's appropriate to say yerrrdayyy! Cos the only bloggers there was me & Nee, CK Go Places & Wombok & his quarter-blogging-sister Brede (she writes comments only), and we were just a bunch of amateurs with zero advertising revenues.

That night was potluck. So everybody brought something.

The brother-sister tag team Wombok & Brede brought homemade spaghetti...

and also wine from Argentina.

Wooo... so exotic.

CK brought these char siew puffs. And there's a long story behind this. It's supposed to be the best in Kuching from a little shop called Chong Choon at India Street.

But instead, he didn't get what he ordered. The shop accidentally sold his puffs to someone else, and replaced it with a different kind. What a sucky move. The original ones would have been heavenly.

The meetup was interesting because it's the first time we had actually met Wombok properly. In person, he talks exactly like how he writes.

He moves fast when he eats. So it was kinda hard to capture his moves. I think a National Geographic wildlife photographer would do much better than me.

You will always be able to identify a blogger from a mile away.

Food is important to them. But photographic documentation takes precedence over everything else.

Here's the spread on the table.

Nee tried making mushroom cream soup but it turned out to be water with clumps of cream. NEE: Ehmm the soup actually is really tasty. Just that when i add cream the soup was too boiling hot. Hence, cream separated. khmm khmm... and that is what precisely what you should not do.

Nee's Pork Roll with baked potatoes & apple sauce.
It'd be RM100 on the menu. Yerrrdayyy!

Nee's Roasted Leg of Lamb. Mary HAD a little lamb with 4 legs, but not anymore.

And so we ate & we talked & we joked. Cheers to blogging brother-sisterhood, a blessed Christmas & a good year ahead with lots of readership & advertising revenues.


sarawakiana said...

All I ask for Christmas is Miri and Kuching bloggers a potluck...potluck at Greg and Nee's place...

that must have been a fantastic get together!!

More pictures in the future ..Keep it up.


Greg Wee said...

It looks like there's going to be a Miri trip coming up soon!

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