Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Goodies!

Baking and cooking with kids can be fun and inspiring. It makes me think real hard. It has to be easy enough, yet at the same time, it has to be something that they'll like and enjoy. Fortunately Christmas is nearing. So we just did things that revolved around that theme.

Christmas Logs with Fruity Swiss rolls

We had a cooking session in the morning, which consisted of mainly homemade pizza, from the base to sauce and toppings and the burgers, including the burger pates. These are items that they like to eat and they can be involved.

Overloaded Pizzas

The afternoon was purely baking. Here are the goodies we made. Yes i say WE cause the kids actually helped with the weighing of ingredients, scooping the batter, LICKING UP the bowls and chocolate bits, staring at the oven and then finally decorating the items.

See what I mean.

Our goodies gallery:

Rich Cocoa Brownies

Assorted Christmas Cupcakes

It's important to remember not to take cooking with kids too seriously. Please they are just children. Otherwise, you will be pulling out all your hair. Just go ahead and have lots of fun. FUN FUN FUN! And let the maid pick up the mess. And it was fun and awesomely inspiring and of course children are always entertaining with their words and antics.


Sleeping Princess said...

Wao, the Christmas goodies looks so pretty and festive, I wish I could do the same at home. :) Btw, are those frostings easy to whip up?

NEE said...

When cakes are cool. Sprinkle with icing sugar to create the snow effects. the frosting is whipped using non diary whipping cream only. in malaysia there are a couple of brands available. richs, nutrifil, baker's mix, shine road. in singapore the varieties are more i think.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Those cakes look soooo delicious! Cute kids too!
Great photography on the cookies.

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