Thursday, November 15, 2007

White Boiled Fatty Beef with Vegies

Dont let the Fatty Beef deceive you. White boiled is Ba Zu in Chinese which means boiling in plain water. Fatty beef is Fei Nu Rou, the cut that has some fat but thinly sliced (the shabu shabu style or sukiyaki style slices).

This is a nice, healthy, clear and most importantly fast dish. You can choose your own favourite vegies or whatever you have in your fridge. Both items are just boiled. Some restaurants in Australian Chinatowns actually serve this as a restaurant dish. But the catch is it is nice to be eaten immediately after cooking.

250gm of shabu shabu cut beef (buy from butchers, dont bother cutting yourself as results are no good unless you are a samurai)
2 big handful of Toa Miaw/Ti Wang Miaw or 1 bunch of kailan/choysum/xiyang chai
One pot of boiling water
1/2 teasp of minced garlic
1 teasp of cooking oil
1 tbsp of light soy
1 no of medium size red pepper chillis or mixed with green ones, sliced
1 1/2 tbsp of maggi seasoning
1 teasp of sugar
5-6 tbsp of soup from boiling beef and vegies, more if you like the dip lighter

1) Boil water with a few drops of cooking oil. When boiling, add vegies. Boil till vegies are cooked. Different timing for different vegies.

2) Dish out and season with minced garlic, oil and light soy. Set aside.

3) With the same pot of water, add beef. Shabu shabu to separate the pieces but dont tear them. Boiled for 3-5 minutes. More if you like it well done. Dish out and place on top of vegies. Serve with dip.

4) Mix all the ingredients for dip. Serve in separate bowl.

Makes a rather presentable dish with the meat and the greens. Dont throw away leftover water. You can add some bones and make them as superior stock for other dishes.


Baby Sam said...

Hey Greg and Nee, your blog ROCKS! I really like reading it. ALl this food makes me wanna EAT EAT EAT!

Greg Wee said...

Hi baby sam. Thanks for dropping by. Are you sure you said, 'I really like reading it'?
It sounded more like, 'I really like eating it.' heheheh

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